Are you ready to go back to school? Sleep in a brand new hotel located in a former high school! Trust me you will feel like walking through your own former high school and memories will come back to mind! This is AMAZING!

I love seeing old buildings being restored and given a new purpose. Especially when such an old building becomes a new, modern hotel. These unique hotels hold a special story and history. We love these stories and unique places to stay and that is why we love sharing them with you. One of these unique hotels, in an old restored high school is the DoubleTree by Hilton in Sittard.

doubletree by hilton high School Vibes

doubletree by hilton Bar Bisco 1

As always, when checking into a DoubleTree hotel, there is a warm welcome waiting for you with a chocolate chip cookie! It’s the little things that matter.

Location DoubleTree by Hilton Sittard

doubletree by hilton

DoubleTree by Hilton Sittard is the first Dutch Hilton Hotel to be located outside the Randstad (Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam). It opened its doors in December 2021, so when Traveltomtom visited early April 2022, it was still a brand new hotel.

doubletree by hilton location

It’s located in the heart of Sittard, at just a two minute walk from the main market square and shopping street. Very centrally located, simply perfect for a nice Sittard city trip.

doubletree by hilton Lobby 4

doubletree by hilton lobby 1

Because of its central location, it’s also very close to the train station of Sittard, making it very easily accessible by public transport. They have a private carpark located behind the hotel, so when travelling by car, you can use this carpark to leave your car behind.

Guided tours of the hotel

doubletree by hilton corridors

The hotel has a rich history, actually a very rich history. It was built in 1908 and for decades was used as a high school. The original layout of the building has been preserved, which has led to the building retaining its charms.

doubletree by hilton High school 3

Walking through the building, it still looks and feels like that high school. The stairs, the corridors and all the details throughout the hotel, it’s like going back to my own days at high school.

doubletree by hilton High School 1

doubletree by hilton High School 2

The hotel organizes daily tours of this interesting hotel, where you will learn everything about the history and the present. These tours are given twice a day, at 11AM and 2PM and take about 1.5 hours. These tours are given by Arndt Dieteren, who gives the best and most interesting tours you can imagine, so sign up for one when visiting!

Restaurant College

doubletree by hilton Restaurant College 1

This is your place to enjoy traditional French cuisine in a historical setting. The restaurant is inspired by the building’s past, which is reflected in the used colors and interior.

doubletree by hilton Restaurant College Food

It offers very relaxed vibes and delicious food. We absolutely recommend dining here when staying at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Sittard.

Breakfast is also served as a buffet breakfast at Restaurant College. Coffee and tea are served to your table, same goes for any style eggs you prefer for breakfast.

Bar Bisco

doubletree by hilton Bar Bisco

Bar Bisco is your place to go for that afternoon drink or cocktail. It has a chic and modern interior with a monumental twist. The combination of luxurious marble materials and the traditional elements in this room truly provide a unique experience.


A better world starts with you. The little pillows on the beds are from Smaray, a charity project in Cambodia, initiated from Pure Dream Center in the South of Limburg. The fact that these pillows are used at this DoubleTree by Hilton hotel shows just how committed the hotel is to society, well done! At Traveltomtom we really appreciate this kind of charity.

Things to do in Sittard

Sittard and its surroundings have a lot of fun and interesting things to offer. Sittard is the center of the Western Mining Region. After Maastricht (1204) and Roermond (1232), Sittard is the 3rd city (1243) with city rights, making it one of the older cities in the Netherlands. Sittard is rich in monuments and museums. We like to shortlist our favorite things to do when visiting Sittard.

Historical City Walk

Sittard downtown

Visit Zuid Limburg offers different walks with guides. These walks are a true experience. Nobody knows how to tell so many fun and surprising anecdotes about the historic city center as these guides.

Sittard Market Square

sittard Market Square

The historical market square is a must visit when visiting Sittard. Enjoy a drink at the historic market on a summer day, one of the pearls of Limburg. Enjoy Sittard like a real Burgundian.

Museum De Domijnen

There is no shortage of art and culture in Sittard. Discover the history of the city or admire the special works of contemporary artists in the museums of the Domijnen.

Cozy markets

Sittard-Geleen is known in the region for its well-organized and, above all, very cozy markets. Whether it concerns the annual Sint Joep Market, Year market Geleen or the weekly markets in the historic city center, they are all popular and worth going to. In fact, Sint Joep Market is a true icon in the region.

Secret Gardens

The historic city center has many unknown, green oases. They are all undiscovered gems that each guarantee a fascinating story.


Historic Sittard 1

Anyone who wants to combine a moment of reflection with cultural history and a cozy city center will hit the mark right here. At a short distance from each other you will find five different churches.

Nature & Outdoors

There is plenty of natural beauty around Sittard, which is often freely accessible, such as the Sittard Noord recreation area, the Windraak and the Limbrichterbos. Sittard is justifiably an excellent walking and cycling area.

The famous and popular Heuvelland region in the South of Limburg is right on the doorstep of Sittard, and absolutely worth visiting for a day or two.

DoubleTree by Hilton Sittard Review

doubletree by hilton lobby 2

This hotel will definitely make you feel being back at high school. A perfect blend of modern hotel and classic features, I think that is the highlight of this hotel.

doubletree by hilton Room 1

They offer several types of rooms, for short and also longer stays, including kitchenette.

doubletree by hilton Room

We stayed in a standard room, which is perfect for a Sittard city trip or short stay in South Limburg.

doubletree by hilton bathroom 2

doubletree by hilton bathroom

A large and comfortable bed and also a large bathroom with great shower.

doubletree by hilton outside terrace

With summer around the corner, make sure to check out their new terrace!

doubletree by hilton Lobby 3

The Double Tree by Hilton in Sittard truly is a unique place to stay in Sittard, I think everyone will feel those former high school vibes here. It will make you feel at home and offers the perfect place to stay for a Sittard city trip or a trip to the South of Limburg, with Maastricht, Liege and Aachen within half an hour. There is so much to do, you might run out of time!

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She stayed at the brand new DoubleTree by Hilton Sittard, on behalf of Traveltomtom, and wrote this blog about her experiences.