Just recently, Ashley a valued member of the Traveltomtom Team, visited the Dutch Bulb region for the very first time. Besides visiting all the beautiful Dutch flower fields, she was looking for a fun and unique experience. That’s when she came across Renzy, self guided tours in electric Renault Twizies. Find out her experiences discovering the Dutch tulip fields and stunning landscapes in a unique way.

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About Renzy

renzy tours netherlands

Renzy offers unique self-guided tours in 100% electric Renault Twizies, to discover the typical Dutch landscapes and small historic towns, all in the region and province of South Holland. The South of Holland houses a cool tourist attractions listed in our list of the best places to visit in The Netherlands.

Renzy is located in Lisse, the heart of the Dutch Bulb region, and therefore an absolute must do when visiting this area in Spring. Cruise in peace and silence along the traditional Dutch tulip fields and flat landscapes.

Renzy offers multiple tours, all of them offer something different and unique.

They started about three years ago, back then as one of the only alternatives to walking or cycling tours in the area. Word of mouth really did for Renzy, but also for the competition, as soon many new companies settled in the area to rent out solex, e-choppers, scooters, you name it, they surely rent it out in Lisse and surroundings.

Renault Twizy

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The Renault Twizy is a fully electric car, with a unique open and contemporary design it really gives you a sense of freedom. All their Renault Twizies are 100% electric, and therefore eco-friendly.

The Renault Twizy is suited for 2 people, so one driver and one co-driver. Their maximum speed is 80km/h, so you can use the public roads. Their range is about 70km, but don’t worry, Renzy has got you covered with pre-set routes.

What’s included in the Renzy tours?

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Obviously when booking with Renzy, all tours come with a fully charged electric Renault Twizy. The Twizy is equipped with GPS navigation with your chosen fixed route. GPS navigation is available in Dutch, English and German.

There’s also an audio guide on board, that automatically works accordingly your GPS coordinates. The audio guide is also available in Dutch, English and German.

The GPS tours take approximately 180 minutes, this includes plenty of time to make several stops to take photographs or admire the landscapes.

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Travelling with kids? They have a family friendly package with a challenging ‘Crack the code of the safe’ photo treasure hunt. If you manage to actually crack the code, there will be some cool prizes for you waiting at the end!

The Renzy GPS tours

Renzy offers several GPS audio guided tours. They all offer something different and something unique. I’ll list their tours below.


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The most popular one of them all is the Tulip and Flower Fields Tour. This is the one we did ourselves for this blog.

The tour guides you through the region past many colorful tulip and flower fields. The tour includes two stops at the Tulperij and the Tulip Barn, where you can visit the fields from up close, take photos and even buy some souvenirs, tulips or flowers if you wish. Feel free to take more stops if you like. This tour is only available from April 1 – May 8 2022 and takes 120 minutes.

Have a look at all our tips for visiting the flower fields in the Netherlands.


Another flower tour is this Dahlia show gardens tour. It runs later in the year, and in 2021 will be available from August 18th until October 5th. Experience the colorful Dahlia and summer flowers from up close. This tour includes a visit at two Dahlia show gardens, your opportunity for some awesome photos!


When you think of the Netherlands you probably think of windmills and water. Well, that is exactly what this tour is offering you, our typical Dutch landscape. A true off the beaten track experience and very photogenic!  It runs from May to October.


Discover Dutch history with this History and Castle Tour. The region of South-Holland has a rich history and this has resulted in several beautiful castles, churches and luxurious estates. Usually they are hidden, but with this drive it yourself GPS tour you can discover some of them! Explore a number of historical sights and buildings at your own pace. It runs from May to October. Some of these places are also listed in our article with the most amazing places to visit in Holland.


Looking for something else than flower fields or castles? Maybe this is the one for you. This tour guides you through nature, sand dunes and lets you visit the coastal town of Noordwijk, including its hotspots. You will really feel the beach vibe with this tour. It runs from May to October.

Renzy is the most fun and eco-friendly way of exploring the Dutch Bulb region. Driving around in a Twizy is a lot of fun, and absolutely a must do when visiting the Bulb Region. Even when you’re visiting outside the flower period, Renzy still offers some other cool tours.

It’s located in the heart of the flower fields, and therefore very easily accessible. They’re located just outside of town, in the industrial area, so parking can be an issue on weekdays, but absolutely no problem in the weekend.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She was invited to explore the Bollenstreek with Renzy on behalf of Traveltomtom, and wrote this blog about her adventures.

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