Sometimes you see things passing by on social media, of which you can only think, who comes up with such a brilliant idea? When I saw the Clock Tower Suite on social media, that was my first thought!

A luxury hotel suite located in a former clock tower, that’s not something you see every day!

Opening right in the middle of a global pandemic can be a challenge, however the Clock Tower Suite in Weesp quickly became one of the most popular tourist attractions in Netherlands ever since opening its doors in June 2020. Claiming to be the most beautiful hotel room in the Netherlands made us very curious, and made us decide to check it out ourselves. Keep reading to find out if we think The Clock Tower Suite is indeed the most beautiful hotel room in the Netherlands.

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History of the Laurentius Church

laurentius church weesp

The Laurentius Church is a former Roman Catholic church. Nowadays the building is a municipal monument that houses a beer brewery and a catering company. The church was built and opened in 1876.

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In 2012 it was announced that the church had to be closed due to poor foundation. However, the Laurentius Church is important to Weesp and its people. In 2016, the Laurentius Church was purchased by a project developer who transformed the church into various new functions, such as a brewery with a shop and a tasting room from the Wispe Brewery, a yoga studio, two apartments and a unique hotel room.

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Not long after this purchase, the church was hit by a major fire. During this fire part of the spire collapsed. They kept working to transform and preserve the building. Exactly two years after the massive fire, the rebuilt spire was placed back on the tower. In June 2020 they opened the unique Clock Tower Suite in Weesp.

Location of the Clock Tower Suite

The Clock Tower Suite is located in the former clock tower of the Laurentius Church in Weesp, in the Herengracht. The suite is located in the heart of the town, which makes it the perfect location. The closest nearby restaurant is only 120 steps down. Weesp is a beautiful town with an authentic center with canals, like Amsterdam but more relaxed. In the center you’ll find a wide range of restaurants and terraces.

weesp netherlands

Weesp is situated on the banks of the river Vecht, and is therefore regularly referred to as Pearl on the Vecht. This prime river location gives you plenty of recreation opportunities. The Winter of 2021 provided a lot of natural ice and ice skating fun. But in Summer it’s the perfect place to rent a boat and enjoy nature.

Weesp is just a stone's throw away from Amsterdam! The Clock Tower Suite are the perfect location for a nice weekend trip. It’s a wonderful little town, that feels very Dutch to me with the canals, windmills, bridges, old shops, bakeries, and so on. But it is also located very conveniently. It’s just a short 20 minute drive to Amsterdam, and even better, you can catch the train from Weesp to Amsterdam.

Another famous Netherlands place to see is the Muiderslot, which is just 10 minutes away from Weesp. And while you’re in the area, consider visiting Naarden Vesting as well! More about the best Netherlands tourist attractions can be found in my article 26 Best Places To Visit in The Netherlands.

From the suite you have some amazing views over the little town of Weesp and the suite also gives you 360 degrees views of the surroundings. On clear days you can see as far as Amsterdam.

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Five star hotel service

The Clock Tower Suite really goes next level when it comes to service. It’s all about excellent service and being pampered in the Clock Tower Suite. When travelling by car, they reserve a space in a nearby underground parking lot, just brilliant!

You’re welcomed by Claire, who is also your personal host during your stay, after a short introduction you’re ready to climb the stairs and go to the suite. Your stay includes breakfast and a full minibar, so enjoy it! They will even contact you before arrival to get your minibar preferences. We were welcomed with a lovely snack board full of cheeses, cold cuts and nuts, thank you!

We stayed at the Clock Tower during Covid and lockdown in the Netherlands, meaning all restaurants are closed, only open for take away. It also meant we were given a three course dinner during our stay, wonderful. Just after check in we received three menu’s from three different restaurants. It’s then up to you to choose what you want for dinner, and what time you want dinner to be served.

At the chosen time the restaurant delivers your food right to your room. Absolutely amazing service from The Clock Tower Suite and Restaurant Aaltje! They even came twice, as they first served the first course, and later, at our desired time, brought the main course and dessert.

clock tower suite weesp breakfast

The morning after breakfast was included, a very extensive breakfast. They even provide you with a newspaper, love the details! Breakfast is also served right to your room, just get out of bed and enjoy, the ultimate room service!

Digital check-in

Check in is easy and completely corona proof! A few days before arrival you receive an email with more information, and a link to their app. This app is your key to the several doors of the church and the Clock Tower Suite. Check in time is 3PM, so from 3PM this app works to open all doors.

It is also possible to meet up with your personal host, she will then give you an actual key to your room.

Personal Host

During your stay you’ll have access to your personal host, she is literally just a phone call away. Your host will meet you before check in. She met us in front of the parking lot, and guided us to the entrance of the Clock Tower. She explained everything and gave us the key to the doors, but they also have an app, with a lot of information about the suite, this app also opens the doors to the church and the suite.

Your personal host is there for you to make your stay unforgettable. Want to enjoy the river Vecht? Rent a boat or canoe? Contact your personal host, she will take care of it.

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The Clock Tower Suite Review

This suite is totally next level on all areas, a truly unique place to stay in The Netherlands. The suite has three floors. The first floor is the entrance and has a kitchen where they prepare your breakfast, and during lockdown this is also the place where the local restaurant prepares the finishing touch to your three course dinner.

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The second floor is the bathroom. A dream bathroom, an amazing bathtub right in the middle, with the most spectacular views of Weesp. It has a double shower and a sink on both sides of the bathroom, no need to get in each other’s way.

clock tower suite weesp shower

To top it they provide you with shampoo and shower gel of Rituals, a luxurious Dutch brand.

clock tower suite weesp rituals

The top level is the master bedroom, a large room with views in every direction. It has a large and comfortable bed, a minibar, coffee machine and even a Bluetooth speaker. Slippers and bathrobes are included during your stay.

clock tower suite weesp bathrobes

Something I never expected in a church is underfloor heating, however there is underfloor heating throughout the suite, in both the bathroom and the bedroom, I just love it!

clock tower suite weesp bedroom 3

We had an early check in due to a cancellation the day before. We enjoyed the suite to the fullest, only had a short walk through Weesp, to make our way back to the suite. The views are endless, you just keep looking outside, and keep realizing you’re in the church’s clock tower!

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The service, the luxurious suite, the experience, everything was taken care of, perfection down to the last detail. The Clock Tower Suite is a once in a lifetime experience and should be on everyone’s bucketlist. Come to Weesp and have this unique experience yourself.

When traveling to The Netherlands you can't miss this unique place to stay!

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This blog is written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She stayed at the unique and amazing Clock Tower Suite on behalf of Traveltomtom and wrote this blog about her experiences of this hotel room.