As I usually have an early flight out of Schiphol Airport, I always book a Schiphol hotel, to avoid the long trip from my home to the airport during the night, and to have a relaxed start of my travels.  I always travel by car to the airport, so for me it’s important that the Schiphol hotel offers parking for my car as well.

There are many hotels near Schiphol airport, but not all of them offer the same service, in fact there are very few places that actually offer carpark facilities and Van Der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol is one of them.

I had some very good recent experiences with the Valk Exclusive hotels in Amsterdam ZuidasUtrecht and Tilburg, so, when I heard about the Van Der Valk Schiphol hotel, there was no doubt I was going to stay with them the night before my trip to Canada.

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About Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4

Schiphol A4 hotel is part of the Van der Valk Exclusive group. All Valk Exclusive hotels offer their guests luxurious facilities for them to enjoy to the fullest. This Van Der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol is much more than just an airport hotel.

To start, this Van Der Valk Schiphol hotel has a lovely wellness and pool area. A perfect and relaxed start to your holiday, or to recover from your jetlag. Unique in the Netherlands, they offer heated design loungers, the perfect place for a complete relaxation experience.

Do you feel like running or working out before or after your flight, Schiphol A4 hotel offers it all. 
Next to the fully equipped indoor gym, they also offer an outdoor gym in the garden, just behind the hotel. You can also find a large map, offering you several running routes in the surrounding areas of the hotel and Schiphol Airport.

Something I really like about Van Der Valk Schiphol are all the Dutch influences you see throughout the property. Photos of famous Dutch places, and paintings inspired on famous Dutch artists from the past. I love to see that this hotel knows its roots and heritage!

lobby van der valk hotel schiphol a4

Location Schiphol A4 Hotel

The location of this hotel couldn’t be better. Located right next to the A4 highway it is very easily accessible. And it is right on route to Schiphol Airport, which only takes you 10 minutes to get to the airport. You’re also just 20 minutes from the city centre of Amsterdam, and only 30 minutes from The Hague. Even though it is located along a busy highway, there is plenty of green surrounding the Schiphol Van Der Valk hotel, which makes it a pleasant place to stay near Schiphol Airport.

Room Schiphol Van Der Valk hotel

I was so lucky to be granted the I Am Suite at the Schiphol A4 Hotel. It must have been the biggest room I’ve stayed in, and my first time in an actual suite.

i am suite van der valk hotel schiphol a4

The I Am Suite is a huge room, it has a living room, a kitchen, and the suite even has two televisions. The bed is very large, and the bathroom massive, with separate bath and shower.

bathroom van der valk hotel schiphol a4

The suite also has a Douwe Egberts coffee maker, another Dutch influence here! This suite also came with a large balcony overlooking some classic Dutch landscapes and planes flying in or out of Schiphol Airport. That really got me in the holiday mode at Van Der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol.

Park, Sleep, Fly package Van Der Valk Schiphol

Being an airport hotel, this Park, Sleep, Fly package is probably the best thing about Van Der Valk Schiphol. Especially compared to other Schiphol Airport hotels in the area, this package is unique and offers it all!

No worries about your car, you can rest assured it’s in good hands at the Van Der Valk Schiphol Hotel for up to 31 days! I left my car here for over 3 weeks, too easy and so much cheaper than parking your car at an official Schiphol parking lot.

They also offer a free shuttle bus to and from Schiphol, daily operating between 05.00am and 23.40pm. Should you need a shuttle outside of these hours, then you can arrange this with the front desk, but there will be a small fee for this shuttle outside the regular hours.

Before you check out of the Van Der Valk Schiphol, make sure you enjoy their breakfast, very extended and a wide range of choices are available from as early as 05.00 AM. Perfect for those early travelers, like myself.

breakfast van der valk hotel schiphol a4

With this Park, Sleep, Fly package Hotel Schiphol A4 truly distinguish themselves from any other hotel in the area, offering the traveler everything they need to have a relaxed start of the holiday.

Van Der Valk Schiphol A4 Hotel Benefits

It’s often the small things that really do it and make a difference, the same goes for Schiphol A4 Hotel. In the lobby, right next to the reception, you’ll find a self-service food market. Perfect for travelers who want that late-night snack, or just a soft-drink to take to their room. The name says it all, it is a fully automated food market.

food market van der valk hotel schiphol a4

Their restaurant is like any other Valk Exclusive restaurant, excellent value for money, outstanding service and delicious food. They do however, offer a wider range of food compared to other Valk Exclusive hotels.

Avoid check-in punishments at Schiphol Airport! Something I really like is the BagPoint. You can find the BagPoint in the main lobby area. Here you can weigh your suitcase to avoid penalties at check in if your suitcase is too heavy.

Also located near the main lobby area are the hotel bar, your place to be for some drinks, and the brasserie, where you can go for a nice coffee and a piece of Dutch vlaai (cake)

Future plans Van Der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol

Van Der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol hotel is working hard towards the future. They currently have major renovations going on. We didn’t notice or have any discomfort from this at all, which is a good thing. We noticed the information boards in the lobby, telling the guests everything about their future hotel.

room van der valk hotel schiphol a4

These renovations and extensions will give them plenty of new hotel rooms with an even more modern look and feel. 230 New rooms will be added, along with a new breakfast restaurant, new brasserie and a new entrance.

I just can’t wait to see this new hotel once all the works are done!

Flying from Amsterdam Airport anytime soon, and looking for a place to stay near Schiphol? I can totally recommend the Park, Sleep, Fly package from Van Der Valk Schiphol.

Travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley stayed at the Van der Valk Exclusive Schiphol A4 hotel on behalf of Traveltomtom and wrote this review about her stay there.