Unfortunately Serbia was already my last country on my Balkan road trip and however I had 3 weeks to complete this whole trip still I wish I had way longer to explore all the cool things to see in the Balkan. For Serbia I had only one stop planned, but at least online I found the most beautiful viewpoint in Serbia: Uvac Canyon.

Uvac Canyon Blog

Normally I am not the traveler with a fixed plan and always just take a leap of faith. Just before visiting Uvac Canyon I camped in the mountains in Kosovo, totally unexpectedly, but a great experience. But since I had so little time in Serbia I tried to prepare myself and look for blogs online about visiting this amazing viewpoint in Uvac. Rated as one of the best things to do in the Balkan I expected I would find some blogs online and some proper information. Nope! Nothing to be found about how to get to Uvac Canyon viewpoint.

uvac viewpoint 3

uvac viewpoint 1

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My trip to Uvac Canyon viewpoint

Since I was on a Balkan road trip I had my own car and arrived from the South of Serbia driving into Sjenica. A pretty sleepy city with some coffee places and some restaurants that all don’t except payment by card so bring cash. After a whole day traveling from Kosovo I decided to head to a pizzeria where a lot of young people were watching the World Cup 2018. I figured I could use something to eat, a coffee and and some advice on how to get to the Uvac Viewpoint.

hiking uvac canyon viewpoint 3

Since I could not find any Uvac Canyon blog post online I figured by showing the people in Sjenica the pictures from Google they would be able to help me. It was not as easy as I thought! Two guys said they knew where it was and pointed me on Google Maps into the wrong direction (I later found out), one guy had no clue and another one kind of showed me in the right direction.

uvac serbia 2

At least I found out before my trip to Serbia that Sjenica is the best place to stay if you want to visit the Uvac Canyon Viewpoint. So online I booked one night in Guesthouse Vanilla for around €20 per room. It was a very clean guesthouse with lovely staff. I would totally recommend you staying there if you are planning to visit Uvac Canyon Viewpoint.

Click here to book this guesthouse with a 8.9 score out of 35 ratings on Booking.

Finding the Uvac Canyon Viewpoint

When I checked in Guesthouse Vanilla I saw a huge painting of the exact same spot I traveled to Serbia for. On the wall there was a huge poster of the Uvac viewpoint. Having searched on the internet for info about the Uvac viewpoint and asking around in town was not really successful so I was not convinced when this guy was explaining me where to go. But all credits go to the staff at Vanilla Guesthouse they made me find Uvac Viewpoint.

This is the exact spot where to find the Uvac Viewpoint on Google Maps.

uvac viewpoint google maps

If you still cant find it then try to copy/paste this into Google Maps: Видиковац Молитва.

from sjenica to uvac

Where is the Uvac Canyon Viewpoint

As you can see on Google Maps it is pretty easy to visit Uvac Viewpoint as long as someone points you in the right direction, but be aware… now you know the direction, but getting there is not an easy thing to do. The last 20 minutes are off road!

how to get to uvac viewpoint

where is uvac viewpoint

Luckily I was on a Balkan road trip with a Peugeot 5008 and made it all the way to the point where the road stops on Google Maps. At the end there are 3 houses in literally the middle of nowhere, a couple friendly dogs, a lot of sheep, a little gate and a path leading to the viewpoint. To get to the indicated spot on Google Maps it was not a nice drive at all! It had been raining a lot, the gravel road was steep, slippery and in an extremely bad condition. I don’t want to discourage you, but dont try this with a standard car. You will wreck it for sure!

road to uvac viewpoint

There are not many road signs, but when you keep on following 'VidiKovac' you know you are going in the right direction towards the viewpoint.

vidikovac uvac viewpoint

Uvac Viewpoint platform

Once you get there you will see with your own eyes how incredible this place is. Hundred meter below you can see the river meandering through the Uvac Canyon, simply an unbelievable sight! What amazed me the most is that there was literally no one there. When I had read a proper blog about Uvac Canyon before I had hoped someone would have advised me to bring a tent and camp in the wild.

uvac canyon serbia

Please do this! The landscapes here are absolutely breathtaking and you are in the middle of nowhere: the ultimate camping place for an adventurer.

uvac canyon viewpoint 4

This place is magical! Honestly a hidden gem when traveling through the Balkan. I was surprised how many people asked me through Instagram stories to pinpoint them this amazing place!

uvac canyon viewpoint 2

Visiting the Uvac Viewpoint was an incredible adventure and I so wish I had more time and more information on forehand. Therefore I hope this blog post about Uvac Serbia helps to plan your trip properly.

uvac serbia 1

Cool alternative and hike to Uvac Viewpoint

There is also a second option to visit the Uvac Viewpoint by staying overnight at Guest House STD Stari Jasen, literally only a couple hundred meters away from the gorge. To get to this guesthouse also is a little challenge but the gravel roads are pretty ok. The guesthouse is literally in the middle of nowhere, but it is a great experience. From Guest House STD Stari Jasen it is about 50 minutes walk to the Uvac Viewpoint up and down a path. Along the way you constantly have incredible views over Uvac Canyon.

You can book this place already for €20 per room per night on Booking! WINNER!

guest house uvac stari jasen

Follow the sign to the left saying: petakovivi, to get to the guesthouse. To the right there are bungalows available, but only on walk in.

Hiking around Uvac Canyon is definitely not a punishment! See the pictures below.

hiking uvac canyon viewpoint 1

hiking uvac canyon viewpoint 2

Let me know if you need an answer on any specific questions I am more than happy to answer them, just leave me a comment.

My Balkan road trip was an incredible journey through 8 different countries that are all kind of the same but so different at the same time. It was a great way to learn about the past of this region, the good the bad and the ugly. On top of that there are so many cool things to see in the Balkan. What about Matka Canyon in Skopje or Lake Komani in Albania, the mountains in Montenegro or the waterfalls in Bosnia.

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I hope this blog about Uvac Canyon was helpful for you to plan your trip to this magical viewpoint. If you would like to help me please share this link on Facebook, Twitter or any other relevant place on the internet. For you a small thing to do, for me it can make a big difference. Massive thanks in advance!