My 3-week Balkan Road trip itinerary unfortunately came to an end. I had 3 amazing weeks with 6 new countries added to my tally. All of them so different with their own historical background. In the end I wish I had more time to stay around some countries for longer, but with 3 weeks I should not complain. To end my trip to Balkans in style I chose to visit Camping Bled in Slovenia.

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Arriving at Bled in Slovenia I realized how incredible my road trip to the Balkans had been. Driving in Bosnia through on the deserted mountain roads, or on the bad roads in Albania took often ages, but at least there was no one else on the road. It felt like freedom! At Lake Bled mass tourism already arrived and although the incredible beauty of the lake was impressive I felt like I was back in Europe.

With that I mean to say that I was back on the typical tourist trail in Europe! But ok I was about to go Glamping in Lake Bled, not camping on the roadside in Bosnia

I got messages from followers saying: Wow you discovered Slovenia, it is such a hidden gem in Europe! Really!? You sure about that? Sorry to tell you but Lake Bled is definitely not an off the beaten path destination in Europe. IF you are looking for such a thing consider for example: Lake Komani in Albania or Matka Canyon Skopje.

glamping hut with hot tub lake bled

Where is Lake Bled?

When I would show you a picture of this place, I am pretty sure you recognize it from social media. The tiny little island in the middle of Lake Bled with a little church on it, is a favorite instagram spot for many travelers. Instagram is also the reason I became familiar with Lake Bled and therefore I decided to head here after my road trip through the Balkans.

glamping lake bled

Lake Bled is located just a stone throw away from the Austrian - Slovenian border. If you are coming from Villach in Austria it is just a couple kilomteres behind the Karawanken Tunnel. Be aware that crossing the border through the tunnel will set you back €7,20 one way. This is on top of the vignette costs of €9 per week in Austria and €30 per month in Slovenia!

What did I say again about being back in Europe on the tourists trail?

For the over 3,000 kilomteres long Balkan road trip I only paid €15 for an extra insurance in Kosovo and a total toll of €6 for driving in Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. Who said Lake Bled was off the beaten path in Europe? ;)

Glamping Lake Bled

Just like I found Lake Bled, I also found this glamping hut with hot tub on Instagram. The Camping Bled glamping options are worth checking out as I had never seen huts like this before. The location of Camping Bled on the quiet side of Lake Bled so not where the village is. I of course drove there myself, but there were also youngsters that arrived by public transport from Ljubljana Airport (40min).

Check-in Camping Bled

If you are not a die-hard camping person you will probably be shocked driving up to the Camping Bled reception. At first I was like damn it on pictures the glamping huts with private hot tub look so lovely and serene, but this chaos is nothing like that. It was busy: tents, caravans, motorhomes  and a LOT of people! After the girl from reception checked me in, she told me were to drive and when arriving at the glamping huts I started smiling again. The Lake Bled glamping huts with private hot tubs are tucked away on an elevated lawn at the end of the camping place surrounded by trees. Serenity level: 10! Perfectooooooo….

Time to relax! This is all I needed on my last days of my intense Balkan road trip with visits to Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia.

luxury camping lake bled

Viewpoint Lake Bled

Do you also want that famous Instagram photo then staying at Camping Bled is perfect base as there is a steep but short hike (25 min) up to the viewpoint starting at the camping place. 

My trip to Lake Bled

You probably wonder where are my photos of Lake Bled, right? Unfortunately the second day when I planned to do some hiking it rained cats and dogs. Therefore I never made it up to the view point, neither did I get a chance to hike around Lake Bled or visit the castle on top of the rock. All cool things to do so one day I will be back.

If you have read my blog about my most visited countries you know that I am not about ticking off countries. To more than 40 countries I traveled at least twice, so yes Slovenia I will be back some day for the third time!

lake bled camping huts

Glamping hut with private hot tub

When I arrived to my little hut I saw how small it actually is so if you are up for a romantic things to do in Slovenia, definitely come this way. In the hut there is basically just two mattresses pushed against each other and on the side there are some storage compartments. The bed by the way slept extremely comfortable! Your suitcase can be pushed underneath the bed.

In front of the hut there are two sun loungers with a cover to hide from the sun. I think in total there are only about 12 of these cute glamping huts with private hot tubs so making a reservation is highly recommended.

glamping hut with private bath tub

Luxury private bathrooms

A surprisingly great thing about glamping at Camping Bled was that every hut had its own bathroom. At check in I got a specific key for my own private bathroom. It was not just another camping bathroom, it rivalled some bathrooms of luxury hotels with an enormous rain shower. Towels, bathrobe and beach towels were provided.

bathroom glamping lake bled

Breakfast at the hut

Honestly I did not even know that breakfast was included but when I found out that it was delivered to the hut every morning I was even happier. Coffee, sandwiches, milk, jus, cold cuts, cheese, veggies, fruits and a pasta salad. Damn this was a big breaky! Surely enough for two people. The left overs I ate as lunch actually so much was it! 

Private hot tub

It was the first time I stumbled upon a glamping place with a private hot tub I think. First of all I have to mention that private does not mean privacy! The hot tubs are directly next to the huts and all the other glamping guests can see your hot tub at a glance. There is no privacy! Though at night time it is so dark that no one can see you looking at the stars from the hot tub.

glamping with private hot tub

The cool thing about the hot tub is that when you check in they tell you that the water has been refreshed and now it is up to you to heat it up. When I first got into the hot tub I thought it was nice and warm but the water at the bottom was freezing cold. So I had to stir it up a little and add some wood to the fireplace in the back of the hot tub. Really cool right? You basically had to make your own fire to heat up your private hot tub. Wood is obviously provided!  

Review Camping Bled glamping

If you are looking for unique Lake Bled accommodation options then I can definitely recommend you to try the Camping Bled glamping huts with private hot tub. Staying here overnight will cost you around €80 per room, including breakfast. It is a great place to stay on Lake Bled and definitely an experience. Watching stars from the hot tub at night was fabulous.

camping bled glamping

May you be interested in more stories from my road trip to the Balkan then check out 10 cool places to go in Bosnia, one of my favorite things to do in Albania: Lake Komani Ferry or the spectacular Matka Canyon in Skopje. In Kosovo I also camped in a hut like this in the mountains. Not so glamorous, but it was an amazing adventure!

Thank you for reading my blog about glamping at Lake Bled. I stayed here in July 2018 and hope the information I provided in this blog was helpful for you. Please spread the word about my blog by sharing this link on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere relevant. It is a small thing for you to do, but can make a big difference for me.


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