It was after midnight and it was actually my birthday when I arrived in Barcelona. As a full time professional travel blogger I don’t have a phone contract but I always want to be connected. So when I arrived at any given airport I straight away want to buy a sim card for tourists. Finding a Spain sim card on arrival was pretty shit as all the shops were closed, so I had to come back the next morning.

My airport hotel was not far and the free shuttle brought me back to El Prat Airport the next morning to find the best sim card in Barcelona Airport for you. I was a weekend in Barcelona as it was the port of embarkation for my first cruise ever: a 7 day Mediterranean cruise.

For the best Spain sim card click here. Airport deals are different! Traveling to Europe? Check out a complete comparison of all Europe sim cards in this link.

Order a Europe sim card online

If you want to save all the hassle you can order a sim card for traveling in Europe online. Orange offers Europe sim cards with 20GB and 2 hours worldwide calling time valid in 30 countries in Europe. Check the link and get free shipping and now 20GB instead of 10GB, click below.

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Mobile internet operators in Spain

There are 4 main internet operators in the country but if you are buying a sim card in Barcelona Airport, you will only find a Spain sim card of Vodafone and Orange. The other main internet providers I could not find. So if you want a Movistar sim card or a Yoigo sim card then you will have to check it out in Barcelona city center.

orange sim card spain

Buying a sim card at an airport mostly turns out to be more expensive. When doing research for buying a sim card in Paris Airport I found out that all data packages were only valid for 14 days for example and a Dutch sim card in Amsterdam Airport was extremely expensive. An exception is the sim cards at Brussels Airport. Those ones are cheaper than Belgium sim cards across the country.

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Where to buy a Spain sim card in Barcelona Airport

El Prat has two terminals and unfortunately they are pretty far away from each other. Traveling from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 takes about 10 minutes by bus. There are free shuttle busses outside that run very frequently though.

Terminal 1

When travelin to Spain and arriving at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 you have two options for buying a prepaid sim card for Spain.

Crystal/ Vodafone shop terminal 1 Barcelona Airport

You will see the Vodafone signs when walking away from arrivals. Of course here you can buy a Vodafone prepaid sim card for Spain.

crystal shop terminal 1 el prat airport

There are 3 Vodafone data sim cards for Spain available

1. Vodafone data only €30 - including international calls €35

  • Unlimited data use for all apps imaginable in Spain (see picture)
  • 1,5 GB - 4G data (across all of Europe)
  • 30 days valid
  • NO hotspot available

vodafone sim card spain airport bcn

2. Vodafone data only €45 - including international calls €50

  • Unlimited data use for all apps imaginable in Spain (see picture)
  • 3,5 GB - 4G data (across all of Europe)
  • 30 days valid
  • NO hotspot available

The above packages seem a little complicated as there are a couple more restrictions!

  • Data valid across all of Europe, but the data use for apps only up to 5GB outside of Spain.
  • Internationals calls only to 58 countries, see the list below.

vodafone data sim Card spain

3. Vodafone prepaid sim card for tourists in Spain

  • €45
  • 17 GB - 4G data (across all of Europe)
  • 800 minutes international calls
  • 30 days valid
  • YES hotspot available

Apart from the complicated packages the Vodafone prepaid sim cards for tourists in Spain seem like reasonable. Big data packages and that is what travelers want.

Strangely but at The Crystal Shop you can also buy an Orange sim card for Spain, but only on the Crystal side, not on the Vodafone side I reckon. It was only just because I saw the Spain data package hanging behind the counter so I asked about it.

Orange sim card Spain at Crystal shop terminal 1


  • 6GB - 4G data (across all of Europe)
  • 400 minutes calling international
  • Hotspot: yes
  • Valid 30 days


  • 9GB - 4G data (across all of Europe)
  • €15 calling credit

As you can see the Orange sim cards are cheaper than the Vodafone sim cards, but they are more likely to sell you the more expensive Vodafone data sim cards for Spain.

Tabaco Shop

To find another place that sells sim cards at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 you have to walk outside, just 1 minute away from the Crystal shop at Terminal.

where to buy spain sim card barcelona airport

Orange sim card Spain

  1. Data only: €15 - 9GB 4G internet (across all of Europe)
  2. Data & Calls: €20 - 9GB 4G internet + €5 international calls anywhere in the world

Both packages are valid for 30 days and a hotspot is available. 

Seem like these prices are way better than the Vodafone sim cards at the Crystal Shop!

spain data sim orange

As I never call and only use internet I bought the data only sim card with 9GB from Orange for just €15! A bargain when you compare it with sim cards in Netherlands.

Terminal 2

When arriving at Terminal 2 it is very easy as there is only 1 place to buy a Spain sim card for tourists. In the middle of Hall B there is a Traveler Shop called Tienda del Viajero that only one Orange prepaid sim card package. The same as at the Tabaco Shop in Terminal 1.

sim card barcelona airport

best barcelona airport sim card

Data & Calls: €20 - 9GB 4G internet +€5 call credit anywhere in the world.

Best sim card Barcelona Airport

Buying a sim card in Barcelona Airport is pretty straight forward as you can see. The Tobaco Shop may be a little hidden, but worth heading to. They have their own Orange kiosk inside the shop and the super friendly ladies installed everything for me on my phone within 2 minutes.

sim card barcelona

The best Spain sim card in Barcelona Airport is Orange and you buy them at the Tabaco shop.

When arriving at Terminal 2 you don’t have much choice, but spending €20 on a sim card with 9GB 4G data is very affordable for European standards. Prices for sim cards in Germany are much more expensive for example.

I hope this was helpful for your trip to Barcelona. May you have any more question please leave me a comment and I will see if I can find an answer to your question. Always happy to help!

Free shipping for an Orange sim card 

Order your Orange sim card for Europe online and get free shipping through this link. They ship a European sim card with 20GB data to your home address, there is 2 hour calling time included as well.

europe sim card orange 728x90

I also wrote an article for the best sim card in Spain after I researched in places like Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Malaga.

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How to get from Barcelona Airport to the city

It is very easy to take the bus just outside the Terminals. They are calld A1 or A2 and both head to Plaza Catalunya.

Don't forget to check out my blog with the must do's for a weekend in Barcelona.

a1 bus to barcelona from airport

bus from airport to barcelona

Buy your Airport Bus tickets online

They cost €5,90 and there is wifi on board. They run basically every 5 minutes. If you arrive at Barcelona Airport at night take Bus N18, they only cost €2,20. You can buy your bus ticket from Barcelona Airport to the city online already and save all the hassle at the airport. Click here to secure your seat, tickets are valid for 1 year.

airport bus barcelona

barcelona airport to the city

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