Nowadays there are numerous ways to meet people through the web. Just take a look at your phone and you will realize that you also have one of those apps for networking. I admit I am a social media addict and meet lots of people through the web. Staying in hostels makes it super easy to meet travellers and most of them have the same mindset and are looking to connect with people from all over the world. But in my case I meet a lot of people through apps like for example Instagram.

Through social media I got in touch with a Dutch/Turkish couple who was living in Istanbul for a couple years already and they were planning to change their lives drastically. They decided to sell their lives in Istanbul and become digital nomads, people that work through the internet and are free to move around the world. They wanted to meet up to hear my story and to learn and ask for advice. On my hand it was of course a perfect opportunity to be guided to cool places around Istanbul. Of course we went for a traditional Turkish tea and while sharing travel experiences I was guided through some very cool quarters of the city. We ended up in Besiktas where we watched the sunset over the Bosporus.