Excitement is still the keyword for expressing my feelings at the moment. I’m on board the Emirates flight from Dubai to Tehran, the capital of Iran. First of all I am excited to visit a new country, which will be number 76 on my long list.

This widely unknown Middle East destination has always been fascinating me. It’s probably the negative way the media is depicting Iran that keeps a lot of travellers away, but is the media right? Is it really like this? Are the Iranians really those religious fanatics? Do they really hate the Western culture? I’m going to find it out my self!

So far I can’t complain about my flight, I can already spot the snowcapped mountains in Iran and it won’t take long anymore before I have to stow my laptop and I will make first steps on Iranian soil. Emirates flight EK 975 to Tehran on the A330 is like a casual flight with top service from Emirates Airlines. For me Dubai airport is probably the most used airport after Amsterdam and I have been flying with Emirates a lot. Their aircrafts are spacious and I don’t have any problems stretching my long Dutch legs, their service is excellent and there is even a friendly Dutch airhostess on board. She even thaught me that tumbs up is a no-go in Iran as it is the same for giving someone the finger!

I can’t complain about the food as it was very tasty and for a flight that lasts only 2 hours I got served a pasta salad as a starter, some cheese and bread and a hot meal. The entertainment system on the A330 is already a bit outdated, but there is plenty of choice to spend your 2 hours. Unfortunately there is no USB plug, which you mostly find in airplanes nowadays.

It’s already time to prepare for landing now, thank you Emirates Airlines for another smooth flight!