Two and half year after my first visit to Israel I finally came back. It took a little while but the National Security officers let me in. No wonder they had a lot of questions, I just returned from a trip to Syria and I must say apart from the endless waiting, they were really nice to me. But hello Tel Aviv I was back…

My trip to Israel in 2017 and my article about everything you need to know when you travel to Israel were one of the kick starts of my professional travel blog. The article ranked on Google spot 1 a month after I wrote it and still is ranking really high. Over 200,000 people have already read my Israel travel tips and ever since this country obviously holds a special place in my heart.

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Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv

Although I was invited by a bunch of friends to stay at their homes I also wanted some me time and figured out that a nice Tel Aviv boutique hotel in the middle of the city would fulfil that desire. I got in contact with Fabric Hotel Tel Aviv and they granted me a sponsored stay and I promised them to write a hotel review blog about it.

An honest and sincere review as always, so don’t worry. I even did my best to find things to moan about… ;) LOL.

Location Fabric Hotel Tel Aviv

This lovely boutique hotel is located right in the heart of Tel Aviv downtown. In my viral article from 2017 I wrote that Tel Aviv looks better at night and I still agree. But here in downtown the contrast is what makes Tel Aviv so charming. Fabric Tel Aviv is located next to an ugly concrete parking lot building, but just a stone throw away from the most famous street in the country: Rothschild, a lively green boulevard in the middle of Tel Aviv. 

Also the Facebook headquarters office is just hundred meters away. That means a better location is hard to find, everything is within walking distance and there are a ton of nice bars and restaurants around. The beach is just a 10 minute walk or take a free bike from the hotel.

Check in Fabric Tel Aviv

I arrived at Fabric Tel Aviv super early (10am) and it was understandable that I couldn’t check in yet. They were fully booked the night before and check out is only at noon. After a quick check in the girl opened a cupboard behind her desk and said: ‘Nespresso’? Damn girl you just made friends! :)

There is an onside restaurant called Bushwick where I could wait and enjoy the fast free internet until my room was ready. It felt a bit weird though as the staff was looking at me like aren’t you ordering anything? Later I found out the restaurant and the hotel are a joint partnership but are two separate entities. May be the hotel staff should have explained I was a hotel guest waiting for check-in.

Fair enough the hip and trendy restaurant got really busy around noon as it was a Saturday and I was occupying a table. Eventually I ordered a roasted pumpkin with sour cream and veggies and I can tell you it was totally worth the $12. Yummy AF!

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel

Rooms Fabric Tel Aviv

I was granted a superior room (309) and it was big, much bigger than the average size hotel room in Tel Aviv. There was a comfy couch with lots of pillows to hang on as well as a big kingsize bed. For those that love watching tv on their holiday you would have loved this room at Fabric Hotel Tel Aviv, the tv was huge.

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fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 6

For me it was more important that there was a Nespresso machine with unlimited coffee cups. The first thing I do when checking into a hotel room apart from taking photos for my blog, is drinking an espresso. The superior room also came with a bubble maker machine, to turn your still water into sparkling water. Apparently a hot item nowadays, I don’t use it!

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 4

There was a small welcome letter with some lovely sweets: a box of chocolate and some dates. Also very important Fabric Tel Aviv offered me a complimentary bottle of Israeli red wine. Massive thanks for that, I used it for a wine night on your roof top!

Also the room came with a yoga mat for those hipsters that love doing yoga. No need to do it in your room, Fabric Tel Aviv has an amazing rooftop with great views.

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 2

Rooftop Fabric Tel Aviv

My favorite place at Fabric Tel Aviv was not my room nor the restaurant. It was the rooftop that straight away stole my heart. On the 6th floor of the hotel you find a super laid-back rooftop for guests only and it has the most amazing views over the Tel Aviv skyline. There is a shower to cool off and free infused water.

Best thing about a small boutique hotel like this is that the rules are not that strict. I mean I wasn't sure if it was allowed but I used the rooftop for a late night wine night. It was full moon, good weather and the Tel Aviv skyline looked absolutely lit at night from the roof top terrace… around 4.00 am I decided to go to bed! :)

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 7

Then next day when I asked the hotel staff it seemed that the rooftop is open 24 hours! Fabric Tel Aviv just won my gold medal for the best boutique hotel in Tel Aviv.

Bushwick Restaurant Tel Aviv

Awaiting to check into my room I already sat a Bushwick but I came back later for the free cocktail. Yes FREE! Fabric Tel Aviv offers its hotel guests a free cocktail every day between 5-7 pm downstairs in Bushwick. Mingle here with hip locals, the bar is a trendy hotspot in Tel Aviv to go out and it was already busy when I went down to get my cocktail.

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 8

Cocktails are high quality in this classy bar/restaurant and especially the Saturday Brunch here is hot topic and one of the best things to do in Tel Aviv for the weekend! Loved to people watch the hip and good looking Israeli’s.

As I stayed over for the weekend and my room was at the side of the backyard of Bushwick restaurant  I could clearly hear the bar vibes from my room. The only thing I can complain about is that it made me go down for a third time that same day. I caught up with a friend and had some late night drinks at the bar until closing time.

Next morning I sat there again… breakfast! :)

Breakfast Fabric Hotel Tel Aviv

Bushwick Restaurant Tel Aviv hosts the Fabric Hotel’s breakfast and it is good. There are a bunch of healthy options like goat cheese, eggplant salad, salmon, mackerel, caprese salad, quinoa salad, fresh fruits and veggies and much more.

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 11

Totally my kind of breakfast: healthy and yummy! Unfortunately the orange juice was NOT fresh, just juice! That was definitely a BUMMER. Fresh juices for breakfast is something I expected for a hotel with these standards.

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 10

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 12

Free bikes

Yes bicycles to go around Tel Aviv. Fabric Tel Aviv offers its guests free bikes to tick off the best things to do in Tel Aviv. This is the best way to go around and something you definitely have to use. There is nothing better than exploring a city on a bike. Cross the Rothschild boulevard from start to end and drive along the beach. You will love it! The free bikes are a winner!

Free beach bag

Whenever you go to the beach Fabric Hotel Tel Aviv offers you a beach bag that includes beach towels as well as free sunscreen. So when you are booking Fabric Tel Aviv you can leave your sunscreen at home.

Free gym access

There is a high class gym just a couple minutes walk and all Fabric Tel Aviv guests have free access to the gym. I didn’t go myself, so I can’t tell you how it is. But if you want to blend in with the hip and good looking people in Tel Aviv it is perfect to know that whenever you want you can use the gym for free on your Tel Aviv holiday.

Fabric Hotel Tel Aviv review

Even without all the free things I mentioned above (bikes, beach bag, gym access, daily cocktail, healthy breakfast) I think Fabric Tel Aviv is a great boutique hotel to stay at. On top of all the lovely things mentioned Im definitely a sucker for amazing rooftops and the accessibility in the evening/night made it even more special to me. As you have been able to read through my review of Fabric Hotel Tel Aviv I became a fan and my stay was memorable and something I would definitely recommend my readers.

fabric tel aviv boutique hotel 9

I hope all the above information and facts about Fabric Hotel Tel Aviv were helpful for your upcoming trip to Israel. If you have any more questions please send me a message on my Instagram account @traveltomtom, Im more than happy to help you out.

Enjoy your Tel Aviv trip!