Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the world located on the Mediterranean coast in central-west Israel. Getting yourself a little piece of heaven away from the hustle and bustle is a real treat, so therefore I checked in to the Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv and this is my review.

In 2017 Traveltomtom himself traveled to Israel for the first time and in 2019 the Traveltomtom team finally came back. Professional photographer Kim Paffen explored Jerusalem and Tel Aviv including several tours to for example the Gaza Border, Judean Dessert and the Masada Mountain. On top of that we also covered a couple different Tel Aviv food tours.

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For our stay in Tel Aviv I got in touch with Renoma Hotel, a beautifully designed luxury boutique hotel located near the beach in the heart of Tel Aviv. I really wanted to stay some days in this exceptional hotel designed by fashion designer and photographer Maurice Renoma. In this article I will explain 11 reasons why I think Renoma Hotel & Apartments is the perfect place to stay in Tel Aviv.

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11 Reasons to stay at Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv

1. Excellent central location (near the beach)

Renoma Hotel is perfectly located on the corner of Trumpeldor Street and HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv-Yafo. It’s a great central location from where you’re able to easily explore most of the places of interest in Tel Aviv. It’s for example within walking distance of Meir Park (0.7 km), Dizengoff Center (0.8 km) and Carmel Market (0.8 km). 

Things to do Tel Aviv Clock Tower Old Jaffa 05

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Other well-known places like Old Jaffa, the famous Rothschild Boulevard, Neve Tzedek and the Tel Aviv Port are easily accessible, either by foot or by bike. Tel Aviv is not that big and there are many bike lanes that make it easy for you to get from one place to another in a few minutes. As a guest of Renoma you can take a free bike to explore Tel Aviv.

Old Jaffa Tel Aviv 03

North Tel Aviv 04

Maybe even more important, Renoma is located right at the beach. Depending on your hotel suite or apartment, you will have great views of the Mediterranean Sea from your relaxing balcony. 

Renoma Hotel Balcony View 08

Renoma Hotel Beach 09

After a short walk of only 200 meters, you can spread your towel at ‘Jerusalem Beach’ or ‘Bograshov Beach’. These are the closest beaches to Renoma Hotel, but if you want to visit different kinds of beaches that’s possible too. Tel Aviv offers many different beaches to meet everyone’s taste or religion! On your way from one beach to another you will also come across unique parks, restaurants and museums; a perfect way to explore Tel Aviv’s modern board walk and coastline. 

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I liked Hilton Beach, that’s about 1.7 km from Renoma Hotel. Actually, Tel Aviv’s whole coastline is about an hour and a half’s walk across and Renoma stands at the center! Perfect right?

In the evening, you can enjoy some nice restaurants and bars located on walking distance from Renoma. Tel Aviv has a great food scene, so go out and explore!

From Ben Gurion Airport it will take you 13km to get to Renoma Hotel. It’s possible to use public transport, but we chose to share a taxi on our arrival and when we left we conveniently used the airport taxi service offered by Renoma Hotel.

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2. Perfectly designed interior curated by Maurice Renoma

Renoma Hotel and Apartments is named after the trend setting French fashion designer and photographer Maurice Renoma. The hotel showcases the simplicity and beauty of 1930’s architecture. Renoma has a unique, somewhat controversial style. He unites fashion, photography and art in iconic images of mixtures from intersex people with bestial heads.

Maurice Renoma Art 13

Maurice Renoma Design 14

The whole interior of the complex is completely curated by Maurice Renoma himself. 

After entering the hotel upon our arrival I was already impressed by the style and after seeing the room even more! I took time to admire all the impressive fine art works, the black and white patterned tile floor, the high-quality modern furniture from different collections of Renoma’s career and great decoration. 

Maurice Renoma Interior Design 15

Yes, I definitely like Maurice Renoma’s interior design and I bet you like it too. The interior is an expressive combination of elegant design and extravagant elements. It brings a feeling of freshness and complete luxury. On top of that Renoma provides personalized Renoma shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap with a really nice and fresh fragrance. 

Maurice Renoma Fragrances 16

Every room offers a different look and tells Renoma’s story. It’s an amazing art creation. If you’re a lover of luxury, design and photography you should definitely stay at one of Renoma’s suites or apartments. Just don’t forget to go out and explore Tel Aviv, since you might not want to leave your room to enjoy all the luxury. 

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3. Free Bikes 

Tel Aviv has many bike lanes and is relatively flat making it easy to explore this beautiful city by bike. Renoma offers its guests free bikes (including helmet and lock) to use unlimitedly. It’s one of the easiest ways to explore the best things to do in Tel Aviv. Areas like Neve Tzedek, Rothschild Boulevard, Jaffa, Tel Aviv Port and Park Hayarkon are very bike friendly. The Tel Aviv beach promenade is also great to explore by bike. If cross the street towards the board walk, you will be able to cycle all the way to Tel Aviv’s northern beaches and pier or ‘Namal’. I highly recommend using one of their free bikes to experience the best of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv By Bike Free Bike Renoma 18

Bike Tour Tel Aviv 19

4. Decent and Free WIFI connection

In this modern world, it’s extremely important for people to stay connected. That requires a fast, reliable and secure WIFI connection. Renoma’s high speed Internet is free of charge and available in all areas, even at the balcony! 

Corner Balcony Renoma Hotel 20

5. Excellent Staff and customer service!

Renoma Hotel & Apartments understands the importance of customer service. I was beyond impressed with the service provided in this hotel! The level of attention during our stay was stunning. Every wish was attended with politeness. This quality of customer service is so rare and definitely meets the high quality standards of this luxury hotel!   

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6. Comfortable and spacious rooms

We were granted one of their huge 2-bedroom luxury suites on the first floor of Renoma Hotel. After a long day of exploring Tel Aviv, nothing feels better than coming home in such a luxury suite equipped with every comfort. Apart from the interior design of the rooms I mentioned before, Renoma offers everything to satisfy your needs. 

Hotel Review Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv 24

Our 2-bedroom suite was very large with beautiful high ceilings. The room was very clean and kind of cosy. The living room has a spacious seating area provided with a comfy leather couch, small coffee tables and a huge flat-screen Smart TV with Netflix. Apart from that there’s a dining table with 4 chairs to do some work and a ‘Renoma chair’ to relax or read one of Renoma’s books, like ‘a Singular Adventure’.

Hotelreview Renoma Netflix 22

Hotel Review Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv 23

The suite also has a separated kitchen unit with a minibar, Nespresso machine with unlimited Nespresso cups (daily refill) and teakettle. Since I’m a lover of coffee I was really happy with the Nespresso machine in the room and I immediately drank an Espresso accompanied by one of their chocolate bonbons. To our surprise there was also a complimentary cold bottle of white wine waiting for us, what a great service!

Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv Kitchen 25

Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv Complimentary Wine 26

What I also loved about this huge suite is their two balconies! The suite has one spacious city view corner-balcony with both sun lounger and a table with chairs, but also a smaller balcony in Trumpeldor Street with side-views of the sea! This is the balcony where you should be while the sun slowly starts to set behind the ocean. 

Sunset Tel Aviv Renoma 27

Sunset Tel Aviv Renoma 28

The bigger balcony is accessible through the living room and through one of the bedrooms. The smaller balcony is only accessible through the living room.

Balcony and Bedroom Renoma Suite 29

Balcony and Bedroom Renoma Suite 30

Apart from that the suite offers a private bathroom with walk-in rain-shower, toilet, hairdryer, bathrobe and free Renoma cosmetics. 

Renoma Hotel Bathroom 31

Renoma Hotel Bathroom 32

Despite the location in the busy heart of the city, the room was well isolated from the loud street sounds. The Lavender pillow spray and fresh lavender beside the bed helped by having a relaxing night of sleep in their king-sized bed!

Renoma Hotel Pillow Spray 33

7. Renoma Spa 

During our stay at Renoma they opened their newest addition, a spa! This is the place where you will get completely spoiled and leave fully refreshed! The spa offers different massages and a sauna. For those that love to spoil body and mind, definitely think about booking a spa arrangement through the reception of Renoma Hotel. 

Renoma Hotel Spa 34

Renoma Hotel Spa 35

8. Free Gym

Guests of Renoma have free (indoor) gym access at ‘Space Gym Tel Aviv’, right across the street. They not only offer a machine workout floor, but also programs like Yoga, Body Pump and Pilates. Tel Aviv is a very healthy city. Besides the healthy food for everyone’s taste you will see lots of indoor gyms, but also free outdoor gyms along the coastal boardwalk or in the parks. I didn’t go to the gym myself, but if the gym is part of your daily routine Renoma offers you the chance to use the gym for free anytime you want.

Tel Aviv Free Gym 36

9. Outstanding extra services

Renoma offers their guests luxury amenities that make your stay even better! They for example offer free beach bags including beach towels and 2 water bottles per person; how convenient! They refill the water bottles every day, although I have to mention they forgot to refill the water two days in a row. Anyway, the front desk immediately took care of it when we asked for water that second day. 

It’s often the little things that make you happy; for instance, the welcome Cava drink at the check-in, the chocolate bonbons with a cup of Nespresso for settling down and the complimentary bottles of wine. 

Renoma Hotel Review Chocolate Bonbons 38

Renoma Hotel Review complimentary wine 39

Renoma offered the first bottle of white wine upon our arrival in the room. Halfway of our 4-night stay we were offered a delicious cheese plate straight out of Bar 51 including a red bottle of wine.
Thank you for that Renoma, those extra services gave an extra dimension on our stay in Renoma Hotel. 

Renoma Hotel Review complimentary cheese plate 40

10. Wine and Dine at Bar 51

Tel Aviv has a lot of trendy bars and restaurants. Bar 51 is a modern, delicious, and charming bar and restaurant located beneath Renoma where many locals meet. It’s a perfect spot for a date night or to get together with friends to have a drink and share food. 

Bar51 Tel Aviv Renoma Hotel

They serve a delicious menu of small dishes by acclaimed chef Moshiko Gamlieli. Apart from that, they offer an extensive wine list so that you can really elevate your dining experience to the next level. 

travel to Israel food blog 18

Renoma hotel offered us a complimentary wine and dine experience in Bar 51. Despite something went wrong with the reservation, we were lucky they still had one free spot for us. Bar 51 is quite new and most of the time very busy. We very much enjoyed our evening in this trendy bar and I highly recommend booking a table here while visiting Tel Aviv; it’s definitely one of those trendy hotspots you have to try out!

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11. Breakfast or lunch at Café Trumpeldor

For a tasty and healthy breakfast or lunch head to Café Trumpeldor, located on the ground floor of Hotel Renoma. Café Trumpeldor invites Renoma guests to enjoy an ‘a la carte’ breakfast. You can expect the same high quality level of breakfast as found in the hotel and you can either enjoy your breakfast inside the café or on their terrace along Trumpeldor Street with side views of the sea. 

Breakfast Cafe Trumpeldor Tel Aviv 01

Breakfast Cafe Trumpeldor Tel Aviv 02

The only downside of having breakfast at Café Trumpeldor was that we had to wait for a free table two out of four days because of the many locals that come there to have breakfast as well. That’s a good thing off course, but they should have available tables for their hotel guests.

The ‘Trumpeldor breakfast’ including different salads and the ‘green shakshuka’ are highly recommended! I really enjoyed every breakfast I had. Apart from that, they also serve sandwiches, pastries, fresh fruits, yoghurt and granola. It also seems to be one of the best coffee spots in Tel Aviv. I didn’t visit enough coffee spots to judge, however the quality of their coffee was very good! 

Healthy food in Israel

Tel Aviv Sunset

Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv review

With the above 11 reasons to stay in Renoma Hotel & Apartments Tel Aviv I would choose this centrally located hotel again in the future. I had a great experience and was impressed by their amazing hospitality and customer service; therefore I highly recommend this place to others! I promise you wont regret your stay. For both business and leisure travellers, this hotel has everything you need.

Check the Renoma Hotel rates below!

This article is written by travel photographer Kim Paffen, part of the Traveltomtom team. She also wrote amazing articles the best Tel Aviv food tours. She is a big fan of traveling to Africa and her blogs and photos about traveling to Uganda, including the gorilla trekking will blow your mind. Her Madagascar travel blog is another masterpiece is you are looking for Africa travel inspiration. Check more of her world-class photos out on Instagram @ourplanetinmylens.

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I hope the above information was helpful to plan your stay in Tel Aviv, Israel. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m happy to help!