Traveling to Jordan soon and planning your trip to this gorgeous country? Make sure to get a prepaid sim card for Jordan to avoid high roaming charges or get stuck with slow overseas data roaming plans. This is the ultimate guide for buying a tourist sim card for Jordan with where to buy one, the best 4G/5G network in Jordan, up to date prices as per July 2022, my recommendation and experiences and even info about international and e-sim cards for Jordan.

If you are flying into Queen Alia Airport in Amman then have a look at my specific guide for buying a Jordan sim card at Amman Airport.

Getting connected to the internet is my number 1 priority when traveling to a new country. Combined with my passion for providing resourceful travel tips for travelers I already wrote more than 150 local sim card guides from all over the world: Egypt, CairoIsrael, LebanonTel Aviv Airport, TurkeyIstanbul Airport, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Riyadh, Muscat, Oman, Dubai and many more.

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Why buying a sim card in Jordan

Having a working data connection on your phone makes makes traveling in Jordan so much easier. Think about getting an Uber or finding directions on Google Maps. There are so many reasons to get connected.

There is a big chance that your hotel has WiFi, but not all restaurants and bars in Jordan provide that service. Basically, I would not recommend to be dependent on public WiFi. What if the signal is too weak in your hotel room or the internet is so slow it is creeping you out? Also keep in mind that public WiFi is an UNSECURED connection, so the use of a VPN is recommended.

Although I experienced Jordan as an expensive country to travel, day ticket for Petra is a lousy $75, a Jordan sim card with data is pretty affordable! Buying a sim card in Jordan is worth it.

When swapping sim cards does not have your preference then have a look into a portable WiFi device. Personally, I am not a big fan of these pocket WiFi's, but I must admit they work pretty well for short trips. Read my HONEST review in my article about how to get WiFi when traveling.

My recommendation

Traveltomtom recommends buying an Orange prepaid sim card for traveling in Jordan. Orange has the best mobile internet network coverage and affordable prices. If possible buy your Jordan sim card at Amman Airport on arrival.

As per July 2022 you can get 15 GB data for $14 USD for 10 days, which is a great Jordan prepaid sim card deal!

You can also get an international sim card for traveling to Jordan, which you can easily order online. Right here, right now! Check out my comparison of the best international sim cards in 2022 and get the one that suits your trip. Or looking for the best way to stay connected when traveling abroad in 2022? That is undoubtedly an e-sim card for Jordan.

E-sim card for Jordan

No more visiting a sim card store and swapping physical sim card on arrival anymore, simply arrange everything online with an e-sim card. Arrive prepared in Jordan and keep your own phone number. Order an e-sim card online, receive an email, follow the instructions and you are all set. Check out the following e-sim card deals for Jordan:

  • 1 GB for 7 days = $6.5 USD
  • 3 GB for 30 days = $18 USD

Clic here for more info or to directly order your e-sim card for Jordan or get more info.

Buy a sim card for Jordan online

Rather get a physical sim card shipped to your home address before your trip? Order a international sim card for Jordan online and forget about the hassle of buying one on arrival. Check out the following pre-activated Jordan sim card deals:

  • AIS SIM2FLY = 6 GB data in Jordan - valid for 10 days for $19.9 USD 
  • Orange Holiday World = 10 GB in Jordan - valid for 14 days for $49.9 USD

Click here to order one of the above Jordan sim card deals directly online or find more info in the link.

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Mobile internet providers Jordan

There are 3 mobile internet operators in Jordan: Umniah, Zain and Orange Jordan. All three have coverage all over the country and in the best tourists destination in Jordan. Umniah claims to be the largest mobile operator in Jordan.

Best Jordan 4G/5G network in 2022

After researching the 4G/5G network coverage maps I found out that there is a huge difference in mobile internet network strength between the providers. Let's have a look at the 4G/5G coverage maps for Jordan and you see what I mean.

Is there 5G in Jordan?

No, there is still no 5G in Jordan as per July 2022.

Umniah Jordan 4G/5G coverage map

umniah jordan 4g 5g network coverage

Zain Jordan 4G/5G coverage map

 zain jordan 4g 5g network coverage

Orange Jordan 4G/5G coverage map

orange jordan 4g 5g network coverage

Based on the mobile internet coverage I would always recommend tourists to buy an Orange prepaid sim card for Jordan. Definitely if you are traveling Jordan by yourself. For more detailed maps of the Jordan 4G/5G coverage click on the link.

Where to buy a sim card for Jordan

orange store amman jordan

City center of Amman/Aqaba

When arriving in Amman or Aqaba use Google Maps to locate the nearest Orange, Zain or Umniah store. There are also multiple mobile phone shops that sell Jordan sim cards, but the value for money is less. Advantage of these mobile shops is that they are open until late.

Mobile phone shops can be found everywhere, the official retail stores of Orange, Zain and Umniah are a little more scarce, but clustered in the city center of Amman and Aqaba.

When buying a prepaid sim card for Jordan you will need to bring your passport and also make sure your phone is unlocked! Foreign sim cards only work in unlocked phones. If you are unsure about this please contact your mobile operator in your home country.

While checking out prices for a Jordan sim card in the Orange, Zain and Umniah stores in Amman city I experienced long waiting lines. To be honest Im pretty sure you don’t want to waste your precious holiday time waiting in line to buy a sim card for Jordan.

Buying a sim card at Amman Airport

The best places for buying a sim card in Jordan is at Amman Airport on arrival. All 3 mobile internet operators have a store there and it is impossible to miss when you walk into the arrival hall. Shops are open 24 hours and you can pay by credit card. Read my complete guide for buying a sim card at Amman Airport or watch the following vlog.

Prices prepaid Jordan sim card in 2022

As part of my research for the best prepaid Jordan sim card I also checked out the prices in stores around Amman and Aqaba and on the mobile internet providers websites to keep this article up to date. The info and prices find below are up to date as per July 2022.

Orange Jordan prepaid sim card

orange jordan sim card prices 2021

These are the prepaid sim cards for tourists offered by Orange:

  • 15 JD ($21) = 5 GB data + unlimited minutes/text in Jordan + 10 minutes international calls/text.
  • 30 JD ($42) = 30 GB data + unlimited minutes/text in Jordan + 30 minutes international calls/text.

Packages are valid for 30 days. For the latest Orange sim card deals click on the link to check the Orange Jordan website.

Zain Jordan prepaid sim card

zain prepaid sim card for tourists

All the Zain Jordan prepaid sim cards are valid for 30 days:

  • Weekly Visitors Line is 7.87 JOD ($11) = 12 GB data + 20 local minutes + 15 international minutes - valid for 1 week.
  • New Visitor Line is 14 JOD ($20) = 50 GB data + 1000 local minutes + 1000 minutes to Zain - valid for 1 month
  • Al Oumda Line is 13.11 JOD ($18.5) = 20 GB data + 10,000 minutes to Zain + 1000 sms.

Check the Zain website for the most up to date prices for prepaid sim cards for visitors.

Umniah Jordan prepaid sim card

umniah jordan sim card prices 2021

The Umniah prepaid sim cards for Jordan are like a puzzle. They offer several Jordan sim cards for tourists, all valid for 1 month. The Umniah sim cards for Jordan come with a lot of data for very competitive prices.

  • 6 JOD ($8,50) = 9 GB + unlimited calls + 3,000 sms.
  • 8 JOD ($11,30) = 20 GB + unlimited calls + 3,000 sms.
  • 13 JOD ($18,30) = 40 GB + unlimited calls + 3,000 sms.

For the latest Umniah prepaid sim card deals check their website in the link.

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Best Jordan sim card for tourists in 2022

First of all let me recommend you to buy your Jordan prepaid sim card at Amman International Airport may you arrive there. At Queen Alia International Airport you can find great Jordan sim card deals.

Based on the prices for Jordan sim cards in July 2022 and the 4G network coverage I come to the conclusion that Orange is the best sim card for tourists in Jordan in 2022! For 10 JD ($14) you get 15 GB data including some local and international minutes.

I hope all my tips for buying a sim card in Jordan were helpful for your upcoming trip to Jordan. If you have any additional questions about traveling in Jordan I am more than happy to help you out.

Last reminder that you can also order a sim card for Jordan online and get it shipped to your home address or simply arrange everything online by ordering an e-sim card for Jordan.

If you are interested what it looks like traveling to every country in the world then check out my Instagram profile @traveltomtom for some serious wanderlust. As of July 2022 I have visited more than 135 countries around the world.

Enjoy your trip to Jordan!

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