My second trip to Jordan didn’t quite go as planned as 5 days became 3 weeks. Only for the good, because I had an amazing time exploring Jordan and spending quality time visiting Amman with all its cool things to do. The last 3 days of my Jordan trip I stayed at the Four Seasons Amman and in this blog you can read all about my experiences checking in to this luxury hotel.

For some reason Amman was recently listed as one of the ugliest cities in the world! I was shocked as that is not at all how I experienced the capital of Jordan. After visiting more than 120 countries I can come up with a list of 50 worst cities, but whatever. When visiting Jordan, don’t panic when you have 2 spare days in Amman, trust me you will love it, it genuinely is an amazing city to visit.

four seasons hotel amman lobby

When choosing the Four Seasons Amman, I am sure you go home with a smile as it is the luxury hotel experience in Amman you are looking for.

review four seasons hotel amman


four seasons hotel amman outdoor pool

The Four Seasons Amman is located at 5th Circle in West Amman where most of the luxury hotels in Amman can be found. Opposite the Four Seasons there is the Ritz Carlton, the St. Regis and the Fairmont. The hotel is 5 kilometers away from Downtown where most of the Amman tourist attractions are. An Uber ride will cost you just $3 and takes 15 minutes. The upscale Abdali Boulevard and mall are just 5 minutes away and are one of the best places to visit in Amman for the luxury traveler.

For a complete list of things to do in Amman check out the link and read all my travel tips and recommendations. Also, here is a little short video about what it was like staying in the Four Seasons Amman.

Checking in to room 1020

four seasons hotel amman room

Check-in was very smooth and done fast. It took them just 2 minutes after I handed them my passport to give me my room keys.

four seasons hotel amman lobby 2

The lobby of the Four Seasons has recently been renovated and at the time I was checking in they just started with the Christmas decorations. It looked marvellous!

four seasons hotel amman room 1

I stayed in room 1020 on the 10th floor. Things I noticed first when checking in was the huge flatscreen tv and the big king size bed.

four seasons hotel amman bathroom

The bathroom was just like the room very spacious and had a bath tub and a separate shower with great water pressure, which is always a big plus to me.

The room had a great view over the rolling hills of Amman and the busy 5th Circle crossing below and there was a comfortable sofa situated near the window. Sunset views from the room are pretty damn amazing. Call room service for a cocktail, chill on the couch in front of the window and enjoy the views.

four seasons hotel amman view from room

Or like me use the couch as your office for the day.

four seasons hotel amman

When checking in I first didn’t notice the incredible welcome gift from the Amman Four Seasons. It was a huge tablet of chocolate in where they carved out Petra, Jordan’s most popular tourist attraction and one of the Wonders of the World. Thanks for that, a delicious piece of art.

The Spa

four seasons hotel amman indoor pool

One of my favorite hangouts in the Four Seasons Amman hotel was the Spa. Well, it is more like a whole wellness center as here you can find the gym, a squash court, a nail salon, a little lounge, sauna, steam bath and of course the dreamy indoor pool. It is located on the second floor. There is a separate men and woman section and both have their own saunas and steam bath.

four seasons hotel amman indoor swimming pool

The indoor pool lit up so beautiful at night that is one of the highlights of staying at the Four Seasons Amman.

four seasons hotel amman squash court spa

four seasons hotel amman gym

four seasons hotel amman sauna

Unfortunately during my stay the outdoor pool was under renovation just that week. Jordan was going into the winter anyway and it was getting a little too cold for an outdoor swim. But nevertheless you could find me often in the sauna, gym and even chilling at the lounge next to the squash court where they serve fresh orange juice and Nespresso coffee all day long!

Breakfast buffet

four seasons hotel amman breakfast 4

This Four Seasons Amman review is not complete without mentioning the buffet breakfast. As expected from a luxury hotel brand like this the breakfast was superb. A big open area with plenty of international as well as local choices.

four seasons hotel amman breakfast

Pastries, cold cuts, egg and pancake station, warm dishes, a big salad bar with loads of options, lots of freshly cut fruits, freshly squeezed juice, yoghurt, granola, nuts and seeds. Being able to put together my healthy dream breakfast is one of the reasons I love staying at high end luxury hotels. I always take my time and easily spend 2 hours having breakfast. Also loved that the breakfast runs till 11.00 am, so no need to get up very early.

four seasons hotel amman breakfast 3

four seasons hotel amman breakfast 1

You can order pancakes, crepes, eggs any style, but I did not see a set breakfast menu with dishes like avocado and poached egg, eggs Benedict, etc. There was only fresh orange juice, but when I asked they made me a carrot juice, so you can also order those drinks, you just have to ask the friendly staff.

La Capitale Restaurant

four seasons hotel amman la capitale restaurant 3

Ranked as one of the top 10 restaurants in Amman on Tripadvisor and yeah I can only confirm that eating at La Capitale restaurant is a delicious food experience.

four seasons hotel amman la capitale restaurant 2

It was difficult to choose from one of the starters so I just ordered them all: Beef Tartare, Octopus Carpaccio and Tuna Ceviche.

four seasons hotel amman la capitale restaurant

You also have to try their signature cocktail with rum and champagne!

four seasons hotel amman la capitale restaurant 1

Even when not staying at the Four Seasons La Capitale Restaurant is very much recommend for a great night out in Amman and their bar stays open until midnight.

four seasons hotel amman la capitale restaurant 4

There is also a the small Sirr Bar that serves alcohol. It has a very dark character and there are only a couple tables. It stay open until 01.00 am. Be aware that alcohol in general is expensive in Jordan and in the Four Seasons may be a little bit over the top in my opinion. The Four Seasons Amman wins the price of the most expensive tequila shot in the world: $24 USD! LIKE WHAT!? Well I had fun at least...

four seasons hotel amman foyer lounge

four seasons hotel amman foyer lounge 2

At the ground floor there is also the Foyer Lounge where in the evening you can smoke shisha in the glass covered 'outdoor' space.


There is always that one thing that a hotel can improve on and in the case of the Four Seasons Amman it is the WiFi. Generally speaking it is not too bad, but it is far from working perfect! Fast and free WiFi is NOT a luxury anymore these days, it is a basic and when booking a luxury hotel brand like the Four Seasons you also expect the best WiFi.

The Four Seasons Amman offers free WiFi for all its guests, but when connecting the first time you get a pop up saying you can also purchase a WiFi pass for faster internet. When seeing this it kind of puts me off already, because why not offering this to every guest. It is such a basic thing these days.

The free WiFi was cringe and too slow to upload small TikTok videos, stream YouTube smoothly on HD and watch Instagram stories. Also in the breakfast area the WiFi does hardly work. Of course I pointed this out to the hotel and they ensure me to work on it and did everything they could to solve the problem on the spot. I was given the faster WiFi as a complimentary service after mentioning the slow WiFi.

When traveling to Amman I recommend you to get a local prepaid sim card for Jordan anyway. Unfortunately 4G turned out to be faster than the Four Seasons free WiFi.



four seasons hotel amman foyer lounge 1

When it comes to service levels at the Four Seasons Amman I only have great things to write. A lot of times when walking around the hotel the staff mentioned me by name, a simple thing but it feels very kind. When I wanted to get my powerbank and iPhone charger in my room while having dinner at La Capitale, the restaurant manager told me to sit down and enjoy. A couple minutes later he came with a charger for my iPhone. Amazing service!

Also the WiFi problems were taken very seriously and the IT staff came checking on me several times during my stay if my internet connection was fast and stable. On my day of check out there was already a WiFi signal at the breakfast, showing how serious they took my feedback. Big thanks to the Four Seasons Amman for taking such great care of me. 

Photo Gallery

four seasons hotel amman photo gallery 2

When staying at the Four Seasons you have to go check out the small gallery at the first floor on top of the majestic staircase in the lobby. By coincidence I met the super friendly and charismatic General Manager and he urged me to follow him. He showed me the photo gallery with a little over 10 amazing photos from the famous National Geographic and two-times Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Muhammed Muheisen.

four seasons hotel amman photo gallery

Go check out his photos from Syrian and Afghan refugees, portraits from Pakistan and from some of the best places to visit in Jordan.

Four Seasons Amman review

All in all I had an amazing stay at the Four Seasons Amman, very high standards but it felt very uncomplicated, exactly what I love when traveling. It is a great hotel to start or end your trip to Jordan. The amazing buffet breakfast, the romantic indoor pool and the amazing food at La Capitale restaurant are enough reasons for me to choose the Four Seasons Amman again for my next trip to Jordan.

After all those years of being on the road as a full time travel blogger and working with almost every luxury hotel brand it was actually the first time ever I stayed at a Four Seasons Hotel on a barter agreement. I was offered a media rate and therefore partially paid for my experience. However, the above is my genuine review about the Four Seasons Amman. 

Enjoy your trip to Amman!