Kuwait is perhaps one of Gulf’s most intriguing travel destinations. This ancient nation is filled with gorgeous beaches, lively cities, rich Arabic foods, and museums. Better yet, Kuwait is filled with the most welcoming and nice people you will ever meet.

During my stay there, Mr Nabil Sami, owner of the hotel I was staying in, insisted on driving me to most tourist destination instead of letting me take the taxi. Even better, a museum worker once helped me stop a cab and promised to drive me back to my hotel room for free if we had been unable to wave down a cab.

As you can tell, the odds of this happening in New York City are slim to none. I can take a stance and attest that the perception I now have of Kuwaitis is a very distinct perception from the one portrayed in the media.

The perks do not stop there. Wait until you have a taste of Kuwaiti Cuisine. When someone who has been to Kuwait thinks about the nation, Kuwaiti cuisine is perhaps the first thing that comes to his or her mind: thanks to its richness in flavor and taste.

The primary cooking method used to prepare Kuwaiti dishes is Tabeekh. In this method, Kuwaitis cook an entire meal overheat after placing it inside a container.

The list of “must – try Kuwaiti Cuisine” is pretty endless so I'll jump right to the end and guarantee you that if you are looking for a nation with a wide variety of cuisine and eating options, then Kuwait is the place to go.

That said, all Americans visiting Kuwait on a quest of quenching their touristic desires are required by the nation to hold a Kuwait Visa for US Citizens. This is an electronic travel authorization. To qualify for the visa, one will need the following:

  • A valid passport that is at least 6 months away from the expiration date
  • Two current visa application forms
  • Two photographs
  • Payment of visa fees

The online Kuwait Visa Application Form for US citizens takes an estimated 10 minutes to complete. To complete and fill out the form, you will be required to fill in your personal details, including, but not limited to, your passport details and details of why you’re visiting Kuwait.

To avoid inconveniences amidst your voyage, double check all details before submitting your Kuwait Visa Application to ensure personal information such as nationality, passport number, date of birth, address, and full names are correct.

Kuwait issues Kuwait Visas for US Citizens upon arrival at every Kuwaiti port of entry.

Also, note that Kuwaiti requires US citizens who stay longer than they have applied for to pay fines before leaving the nation. Any US traveler who does not abide by these Kuwaiti exit requirements will pay an extra penalty lest they get imprisoned.

To conclude,

Given the low crime rate and little travel requirements, Kuwait has to be the safest and easiest nations to visit.

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