traveling to Lebanon soon? This is your guide for buying a sim card in Lebanon! Don't get stuck with high roaming costs, slow data connection or weak network, get yourself a local sim card on arrival. In this article you will find everything about it... where to go, up to date prices as of February 2021 and more tips.

Lebanon was my port of call for my trip to Syria. Of course I wanted to be connected to the internet straight away and I looked into buying a sim card at Beirut Airport. Since that was pretty damn expensive I waited for an official phone store in Beirut city. My research led me to write this article about a Lebanon sim card for tourists.

Over the years I have written multiple international sim card blogs for tourists to help my readers save money on ridiculous roaming charges. Lebanon was my first Middle Eastern country to find the best prepaid sim card for tourists. After Lebanon I also did research in DubaiIsrael, Jordan and Tel Aviv Airport.

For the best European sim card I checked more than 15 countries and 25 airports, like: Italy, Greece, Austria, UK, Vienna, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Milan and many more.

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Mobile internet operators Lebanon

There are only two mobile internet providers in Lebanon: Alfa and Touch. Probably that is the reason a Lebanon prepaid sim card with data is expensive as there is no competition.

Where to buy a Lebanon sim card

There are a bunch of mobile internet shops scattered around Beirut, but for the best prices you want to go to an Alfa store or a Touch store. Both operators have a store in Beirut Downtown, but in Hamra for example you won’t find them. Therefore you might want to buy your sim card for Lebanon in a random phone shop nearby. They charge you a little service fee, but it is not much.

When buying a sim card in Lebanon you need to bring you passport. You can register up to 3 sim cards on one passport.

Buying a sim card at Beirut Airport

On arrival I went to the Airport Information Desk and they told me that there is only one shop that sells a prepaid sim card for Lebanon at Beirut Airport: CityFone.

You can’t miss this Beirut airport shop as it will be on your right hand side straight after you walk out into the Arrivals hall. I checked everything for you and I strongly recommend to NOT buy a Lebanon sim card at Beirut Airport, unless you don't care how much it costs.

sim card beirut airport

At the CityFone shop you can buy a Touch Lebanon sim card for tourist for $44 and you only get:

  • 60 minutes calls or 60 sms
  • 500 MB data

This sim card for Lebanon is valid for 30 days and only in Lebanon. That is right... $44 for 500 MB data? CRAZY!!!

Prices Lebanon sim card in 2021

Alfa Lebanon

An Alfa Lebanon sim card costs $3 (5.000 LL) and comes with $3 credit. This credit is valid for 10 days but you will have to add credit yourself if you want to have data.

  •   1.5 GB data = $7
  •  15 GB data = $23

These data bundles are valid for 7 days. For tourists traveling to Lebanon and buying a sim card this is a pretty flexible package. These are the up to date prices as per February 2021. For the latest Alfa Lebanon sim card deals have a look at their website.

alfa lebanon sim card

Touch Lebanon

A Touch Lebanon prepaid sim card also costs $3 (5.000 LL) and is valid for 30 days. You can add the following packages:

  •   1.75 GB = $19
  •   6      GB = $26
  • 10      GB = $33

These prices are exclusive VAT (11%)

touch lebanon prepaid sim card

So a Touch Lebanon sim card valid for 30 days with 10 GB data will cost you $39,00.

Touch Lebanon also offers the Visitor Line prepaid sim card for $39 + 11% tax:

  • 10 GB data
  • 100 minutes local and international
  • 100 sms
  • Valid for 14 days

touch lebanon sim card

For all the exact details of the Visitors Line Touch Lebanon sim card click on the link to check it out on their website. The above prices are still up to date as per February 2021.

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Best Lebanon sim card for tourists in 2021

First of all I think buying a Lebanon sim card is pretty expensive and the value for money is NOT good. That said I would still suggest you to buy a Lebanon sim card as Wifi in Lebanon is often very shit! Investing a couple dollars in a 4G connection will be worth it and saves you from a lot of stress.

Alfa is the best prepaid sim card in Lebanon for tourists in 2021!

Simply because both networks are similar and Alfa offers more data for less money. For $23 you can already get an Alfa Lebanon sim card with 15 GB data.

I traveled to Lebanon to depart for my overland trip to Syria. Interested in reading about this extraordinary journey then head over to my Syria travel blog in this link.I hope all these tips for buying a sim card in Lebanon were helpful for your upcoming trip. May you have any more questions leave me a comment below or hit me up on my Instagram account @traveltomtom.

Enjoy your trip to Lebanon!

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