It’s always a sport, to find decent and affordable accommodation with a prime location. Dubai has over 600 hotels, and has the world’s highest hotel occupancy rate. Finding a hotel in Dubai is not difficult, but finding something decent and affordable, that feels like a home away from home, can be a challenge.

Leave those challenges for Traveltomtom, as we managed to find the newest affordable hotspot in Dubai, and we are ready to tell you all about it! We’re sure you’re going to love this one just as much as we did! Free rental car included in the room rate! Can you believe it? Keep reading...

About 25hours

25 hours hotel one central dubai Lobby

25hours Hotels is something different, they are a small group of dynamic hotels that offer a contemporary hotel experience in some major cities in Western Europe.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Meeting Place 1

They started back in 2005, and currently have 12 hotels, mainly located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They recently added the first 25hours hotel outside of Europe, in Dubai and became the largest 25hours hotel in the world so far!

25 hours hotel one central dubai Bedouin Room 4

25hours Hotels are adventurous, sexy, cheeky, innovative, unique, a little crazy and locally connected, the perfect blend! Each of their hotels has its own character, fused with the local vibe and culture.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Lobby4

You don’t just stay at a 25hours hotel, you deliberately choose uniqueness, surprise and a touch of adventure. 25hours hotels are a social hub, a place where international travelers and local guests blend. These hotels stand out, creativity and trendiness, walking through their doors makes you instantly feel comfortable and at home.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Hallway

The 25hours Hotel Dubai One Central brings the ancient Bedouin theme and traditions back to modern life. This theme is implemented throughout the hotel, from the elevators and hallways to the rooms.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Lobby6

The lobby is probably one of the most impressive ones I have ever seen. Hundreds of books welcome you. Walking into the hotel was jaw dropping, we were speechless.

Location 25hours Dubai

25 hours hotel one central dubai Dubai Hotel

The 25hours hotel Dubai opened its doors in March 2022. In fact, Traveltomtom visited the hotel before its official opening, how cool is that! It is located in an upcoming new neighbourhood, One Central.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Outside

One Central is one of the newest districts in Dubai, bringing business and leisure together in the heart of Dubai. One Central is part of the Dubai Future District.

This new district is still partly under construction, although some of the finest restaurants, hotels and museums are already open and welcoming visitors.

25 hours hotel one central dubai MOTF view

In fact, Dubai’s newest museum, must visit attraction and hotspot, the Museum of the Future, opened its doors earlier this year, and is located right across the street from the 25hours hotel. That provides very cool views from the hotel!

25hours Hotel Dubai One Central is located along the city’s superhighway, Sheikh Zayed Road. It is also located right in between two metro stations, World Trade Center Metro Station and Emirates Towers Metro Station. This makes the hotel very easily accessible, and it also makes the rest of Dubai easily accessible.

Looking for some cool things to do in Dubai while staying at 25hours Hotel One Central? What about a Dinner in the Sky or visiting the Dubai Aquarium? A Dubai desert safari tour, an edge walk or a helicopter tour? So many cool things to do in Dubai! Find them all on Traveltomtom.

And don't forget to stay connected in Dubai! Buy a local prepaid sim card for Dubai on arrival or simply get yourself an e-sim card for Dubai.

Museum of the Future

25 hours hotel one central dubai MOTF view 3

Just opened early 2022, and already one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks. It can’t be missed as it is located right next to Sheikh Zayed Road and is a true eye-catcher and one of Dubai's most famous places to visit.

The museum explores and shows how society could evolve in the coming decades using science and technology. It is the only museum in the world that shows the future, all other regular museums always show history.

Only open for a few months, the Museum of the Future has already been recognized by National Geographic as one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world.

25 hours hotel one central dubai MOTF view 4

It’s also claimed to be the most beautiful building in the world. And I have to admit, I honestly think it is the most beautiful building I have ever seen!

Unfortunately, due to high demand weeks ahead, Traveltomtom wasn’t able to visit the Museum of the Future this time around. You always have to save something for when you are visiting Dubai next!

Bedouin Room

25 hours hotel one central dubai Bedouin Room 1

The 25hours Hotel One Central has 434 rooms and suites. We were given one of their medium Bedouin rooms. Just like everything else in this hotel, their rooms are different, unique and welcoming straight away.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Bedouin Room 2

The Bedouin room draws on influences of when Bedouins once resided in Dubai.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Bedouin Room 5

The room features a king-sized bed and truly a unique bathroom, well there isn’t really a bathroom as the rainfall shower is literally in the middle of the room. There is a super relaxed hanging chair in the corner of the room.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Bedouin Room 3

There is a canvasco bag, free for you to use throughout your stay. Every room has a minibar, which is free and includes some softdrinks, water and chocolates. It gets refilled every 3 days.

Tandoor Tina

25 hours hotel one central dubai Tandoor Restaurant 3

Tandoor Tina is a fun and frivolous ‘younger daughter’ restaurant to London’s famous Tandoor Chop House, and it’s the 25hours Hotel on-site restaurant.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Tandoor Restaurant 2

25 hours hotel one central dubai Tandoor Restaurant 1

For diner they serve you the signature northern Indian food with a focus on the flame-oriented cooking, with a surprising playful British twist.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Tandoor Restaurant 5

25 hours hotel one central dubai Tandoor Restaurant 6

Tandoor Tina is also your place to go for breakfast, buffet style with plenty of choices and also the choice to have your eggs (any style) or pancakes made fresh for you.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Tandoor Restaurant

25 hours hotel one central dubai Tandoor Restaurant 4

There’s both indoor and outdoor seating, and with summer temperatures all year round, the outdoor seating is pretty tempting.

Nomad Bar

25 hours hotel one central dubai Nomad Bar

The Nomad Bar is located at the ground level, right across from the reception. It has indoor and outdoor seating as well, and is a great place to meet strangers and friends. It’s an all-day cafe operated by award-winning local baristas Nightjar Coffee, so your perfect place to get a quick caffeine boost.

Monkey Bar

25 hours hotel one central dubai Monkey Bar

It’s the place to be in One Central, on the sixth floor of the hotel, with truly impressive views of the Museum of the Future. Their terrace is the perfect sundowner, and once the sun has set the nightly roster of DJ’s build the vibe.

Have your cocktail mixed here, dance the night away and enjoy their Latin American inspired food menu as well.

Ernst Biergarten

Unfortunately this place opened after our visit to 25hours Hotel, so we couldn’t visit this place ourselves, but it sounds like such a cool place, so we want to share it with you.

Ernst is a Bavarian Biergarten and Wirtshaus, serving a variety of German beers on draught, Dubai’s best Weisswein and house-baked pretzels. It’s a home for sport as Ernst shows live matches from around the world across multiple screens. Ernst also features regular live entertainment, quiz nights and seasonal specials.


25 hours hotel one central dubai Rooftop Pool

We simply love rooftop pools, so if a hotel has a rooftop pool, that’s an immediate plus for us. The pool has relaxed vibes and equally relaxed loungers and beds alongside the pool.There is bar right next to the pool where you can order drinks and food. They have a pretty good food menu which is served right to your bed or lounger.

25 hours hotel one central dubai Pool Views

And this pool arguably has the best pool views in Dubai as it overlooks the new Museum of the Future.


25 hours hotel one central dubai Gym

I’m not sure if I like gyms that have pool views, too tempting. But the gym at the 25hours Hotel is also located on the sixth floor and has indeed pool views.

It’s equipped with the newest and latest fitness equipment. It also has a covered outdoor area where you can exercise and where group lessons are organized.


25 hours hotel one central dubai Spa

Looking for some relaxation, then make your way to the sixth floor of the hotel where you can find the Extra Hour Spa wellness area. There are four treatment rooms, including one for couples. There’s also an indoor and outdoor sauna.


Something you don’t often see in hotels is an actual old-school barber. Lucky for you, the 25hours Hotel in Dubai has an in-house barber.

FREE Cars for rent - MINI

I couldn’t really believe it when I first heard about it, but here at the 25hours Hotel you can actually borrow a MINI car from reception. Can you believe that?

They have a partnership with MINI, and have four MINI cars available on a first come first serve basis. It’s complimentary for you as a guest, you simply request a MINI car, fill out some paperwork and the car will be issued to you. Ready to explore Dubai for a few hours?

Are you more of a cycling enthusiast? No worries, they have you covered as well, as the 25hours Hotel has a full fleet of e-bikes.

25Hours Dubai Review

25 hours hotel one central dubai Lobby3

Even though this wasn’t our first visit to Dubai, it continues to surprise and amaze us, and we manage to discover new places every time. That also applies to the new One Central district and the 25hours Hotel. It’s funny how a city has so many different sides, and how you can experience each neighborhood differently.


Staying in a 25hours Hotel is an experience itself, and for the 25hours Hotel One Central, you come as a stranger and leave as a Habibi (friend).

25 hours hotel one central dubai Creative Space

25 hours hotel one central dubai meeting place

25 hours hotel one central dubai Workplace

We didn't even talk about the many creative spaces, meeting rooms, etc. that you can also find in the hotel. As said in the title of this hotel review: 25hours hotel Dubai does feel like home!

It is clear that we had an absolutely amazing time staying here and we can recommend it to anyone. I hope our enthusiasm sparked you to book the 25hours Hotel in Dubai. Check out their rates below.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She stayed at the brand new 25hours Hotel Dubai One Central, on behalf of Traveltomtom, and wrote this blog about her stay and experiences. If you have any questions please leave us a comment below and we will try to help you out or check out Traveltomtom's Instagram account or Ashley's Instagram account.

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25 hours hotel one central dubai MOTF view 1

Enjoy your trip to Dubai!