When flying into the UAE you probably going to see the desert from out of your airplane window, but once you are on the ground you don't really realize this place was a huge sandbox only 30 years ago. Dubai has so much to offer that most people simply don't have time to take a trip to see the surrounding scenery. A trip into the desert may sound pretty boring, but the landscape is phenomenal and an adventurous trip is almost right at your doorstep.


Create your own adventure: make a Dubai Desert Safari by yourself!

There are loads of options available taking you out on a day trip into the sand. Whether you want to do a half day trip or even want to spend a night under millions of stars your hotel will give you all the options available or simply Google them yourself. Though these organized tours aren’t the cheapest of course!

Its fairly easy to find your own adventure and do it all yourself! Drive out into the desert and you will stumble upon a couple of opportunities to rent cars, quads, dirt bikes, etc. Fear of getting lost in this huge sandbox? Just ask for a guide and one of the guys will drive out with you so at least you have a reference point. But why not use your smartphone? Simply open your compass and create your own adventure. Try to get that far out so you feel completely lost, take your compass and find your way back.

The opportunities are plenty and spending the night in the desert is a fabulous adventure. Just bring along some stuff to get yourself comfortable during the night!

Dubai is boring? I don’t think so, create your own adventure!