The Niagara Falls were the second stop of my trip through Canada and the USA, and I was beyond excitement about finally visiting these famous and amazing falls. During my stay at the falls I constantly saw these helicopters rides over the falls, that’s when I thought, I need to be on one of those, I want to see the Niagara Falls from above.

I have been wanting to visit the Niagara Falls for many years. After several trips to the West coast of Canada and the USA, I thought it was about time to visit the Eastern parts of these countries.

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When visiting the Niagara Falls, there are plenty of activities to do, on both the Canadian as well as the American side, to get you right up close and personal with these massive falls. I did all of them, but there was one thing missing: a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls.

Just like I said in my review of my FlyNYON helicopter ride over New York: make sure you enjoy the Niagara Falls to the fullest, not just through the lenses of your cameras!

Niagara Falls helicopter tour with National Helicopters

Operating since 1985, National Helicopters in Canada offers more than just scenic flights over Niagara Falls. They provide a wide selection of scenic tours, not just at the Niagara Falls, but also in Toronto, seeing the Toronto Islands, Harbourfront and the CN tower. They also offer executive charters, aerial photography and heli-golf, the most exclusive way to golf!

They are a full time Private Career College, and recognized by Transport Canada as a helicopter flight training school. So the place to be for private or commercial helicopter licenses.

helicopter ride over niagara falls national helicopters

It’s their Niagara Falls scenic flight that got me interested in National Helicopters. Especially the Grand Tour, where you get to see it all! National Helicopters are the only official Niagara Falls helicopter tour company offering unique views of the Falls and the Niagara historical surroundings.

National Helicopters gives you five reasons why to choose them for a helicopter ride over the Niagara Falls, and because I experienced all of them, I’m sharing them with you:

  1. Their tour is the longest offered

They offer the longest tour in the area. The National Helicopters tours are almost 3x longer than any other helicopter tour in the region. It means you get to see so much more, being in the air so much longer.

  1. Full view of the Niagara Region

Because they offer you a 20-minute helicopter tour, they’re able to offer you a full view of the Niagara Region. It’s not just the falls, just sit back and enjoy the flight!

  1. Experienced friendly pilots

My pilot Scott did everything possible to give me the experience of a lifetime. It took him two flights in the end, but that didn’t matter, as it was all about giving me the best possible helicopter ride over Niagara falls.

  1. Excellent service

I experienced their service as extremely good. Even though my first flight was cancelled due to bad weather, they decided to give it another go at the end of the day. Something they didn’t have to do. Mine was the only Niagara falls helicopter tour they operated that day, that’s what I call excellent service!

  1. Unblemished safety record since 1985

Probably the most important of all five reasons. Outstanding records when it comes to flight safety. Something I find extremely important.

Niagara District Airport

National Helicopters is located at the Niagara District Airport in Canada. It’s an easy 30-minute drive from most hotels located along the Niagara Falls, both Canada and USA side of the falls.

Niagara District Airport has a 5000-foot runway. Their on-site services include executive and personal charters, helicopter and fixed wing sightseeing and an active flight training school. Approximately 75 aircrafts are based here. Niagara District Airport provides all capabilities of a major airport, but without the delay and all the hassle.

National Helicopters Tour Niagara Falls experience

National Helicopters are more than just a helicopter ride over the Niagara Falls, their tours are the most personal and most comprehensive adventure tours offered.

Make sure you have your cameras ready right from the start, as views of the Niagara Region appear below you straight after take-off. Your first views include the famous Niagara wine producing region. Something that caught my eye on the first few minutes of the flight were some huge and amazing houses, keep an eye out!

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From there you will follow the Niagara River, passing the Hydro Power Station, the Whirlpool Rapids and the Maid of the Mist, towards the falls. The tour culminates with truly unforgettable views of the American Falls, Bridal Veil and Canadian Horseshoe Falls, from high above.

The helicopter will make a second pass over the falls so all passengers get the same view and for all passengers to fully take in these views and get all the shots you want. From here the helicopter tour retraces its route back to the Niagara District Airport.

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During my flight I could even see the skyline of Toronto, something that totally surprised me as I didn’t expect I was going to see that. I could clearly see the CN Tower. If the weather is good, you might be lucky to also see Toronto’s famous skyline from the far distance.

Weather permitting of course!

Niagara Helicopters operates daily from 9 AM until sunset, year-round! Be aware however that all flights are weather permitting. Make sure to give them a call on the day of your flight, just to confirm weather conditions before heading to the airport.

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Visiting the Niagara Falls was one of the highlights of my trip, but only after I got to see them from above during my Niagara Falls helicopter tour with National Helicopters. It’s something different and absolutely worthwhile if you can afford it.

It’s still great to step on board the Maid of the Mist and getting soaked because you get super close to the falls, but seeing the Niagara Falls from a helicopter left me speechless.

National Helicopters review

Visiting the Niagara Falls anytime soon, and want to get that Niagar Falls helicopter tour? Make sure to check out National Helicopters and book the flight of a lifetime! It’s an experience like nothing else. Put it on your bucketlist, I assure you, you won’t have any regrets! Just don’t forget your cameras!


A very special word of thank you to Donald and pilot Scott for their efforts. The weather wasn’t perfect, but they went out of their way to get me up in the air and gave me the experience of a lifetime.

Considering I was the only flight you carried out that day, I really appreciate your efforts.

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This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She travelled through Canada in September 2019 and got to experience this bucketlist flight over the Niagara Falls.

Also check her blog about the the most photographed hotel in the world, the amazing Arowhon Lodge in Algonquin Park and of course her helicopter ride over New York with open doors.