Kim is a professional award winning photographer & travel writer with a crush on Africa. She has won the National Geographic Photo Contest of 2019 in the category ‘animal’ and several of her photos have been published in magazines, for example in National Geographic Magazine.

Madagascar Chameleon NatGeo Winner KimPaffen

Traveling the planet - 5 continents explored and many countries visited - introduced Kim to a wealth of different landscapes, wildlife, cultures and amazing experiences, whereby every country has its own beauty with amazing people and hidden gems to discover. Kim is passionate about capturing those unique and inspiring moments that make people want to explore the world too.

Want maximum exposure for your (online) business? Kim can offer a fully integrated package that combines the best photographic images of your accommodation or tours to use on your own website and social channels including promotion of your business through the Traveltomtom platform which is listed Top 50 Biggest Travel Blogs in the World!

With over a decade of travel experience in combination with her photography skills, we are extremely happy to have Kim in our team. Discover the world’s most amazing places through her lens on her Instagram account @ourplanetinmylens or Read more about her biggest passions, favourite continent and more in the article below.

Passion for travel and photography

My passion for photography developed after my urge to travel the world. I travel to learn and understand the world a bit better and it has taught me the value of memories and people over things. People and cultures from all over the world inspire me and I love to explore the beauty our life has to offer; from amazing landscapes and breath-taking sunsets to endangered wildlife and meeting inspiring people with their own unique traditions, sounds and food! Photography is a love affair with life and my camera is the perfect instrument of expression for me on my journey around the world! I love the experience of being behind the lens and the challenge of deciding how I want to capture a moment. I feel blessed that I’m able to travel and capture our planet the way I see it. I hope that my images and travel blogs will inspire you to go out and explore the world by yourself!

Why I love Africa

Every country has its own beauty, but being on the plains of Southern and Eastern Africa give me that special feeling. In Africa I feel somehow more grounded and I’m able to connect to nature, the people and myself. It forces you to be in the moment, because – in the bush – you don’t know what the next minute will bring. Being so close to nature makes me feel alive and free! I’ve visited over 10 African countries; some of them more than once and there really is something about Africa that feels like home to me. Asia, however, is the continent with my favourite food (from Sushi to Thai Curries) and where I love to travel to as well.

Lake Mburo Uganda KimPaffen

Photography and conservation volunteer

In the past I have had the privilege of living and volunteering in a private game reserve in South Africa, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I was happy to contribute to vital conservation within the reserve and motivated to learn more about wildlife photography, improve my photography skills and go on game drives to shoot photos of wildlife for educational initiatives. It’s also the place where my passion for wildlife photography was born. I loved working together on higher goals and see step-by-step improvement. If you are thinking about volunteering abroad, please do your research and find an ethical organisation. Look carefully at the work you will be doing and how it affects local people. Remember that if you don’t have the skills to do a job at home, you shouldn’t do that job overseas either.

Queen Elizabeth NP Uganda KimPaffen

Wildlife enthusiast 

As a wildlife enthusiast and wildlife photographer I keep going back to Africa; for its nature, the people and my love for our beautiful – and sadly endangered – wildlife! I’ve also been working for different lodges around Africa, where I combine wildlife photography and lodge photography to promote their business. With my wildlife images I hope to spread awareness about the critical facts some animals are facing and that it will inspire others to contribute to wildlife conservation. The fight for our wildlife has never been more important, so I hope my images can be a small reminder of lives worth saving.

Joining Traveltomtom

I joined the Traveltomtom team in 2018, to create more high quality content for the platforms’ followers and partners in the travel and tourism industry. For Traveltomtom I traveled to for example Uganda to write about gorilla tracking, to Madagascar to spot lemurs and explore Avenue of Baobabs including the best time to visit, to Israel to write about the lives in the shade of the wall around the Gaza Border, to Portugal for a Lisbon City Trip and to South Africa to hike table mountain, observe the African penguins and to spot the Big 5 in several Game Reserves and National Parks. Follow @Traveltomtom and my personal Instagram account @ourplanetinmylens to keep up with all my future travel adventures, travel blogs and travel tips.

Kim Paffen Profile Photo Outdoor

Work with us

Want maximum exposure for your (online) business or do you need stunning photos to display your business, tours or accommodation at its very best? As a professional photographer I can offer you the best high-resolution images for your website, social media or other (printed) media including promotion of your business through the Traveltomtom platform. Inquire for the different packages and to discuss the possibilities.

Interested in purchasing some of the travel photos we have in stock? Get in touch through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will get back to you with the rates and possibilities.

Do you have any other photography and travel related questions or collaborations in mind like hotel or tour reviews and sponsored posts? I’d love to hear from you! The Traveltomtom media kit is available upon request.

Find below Kim's latest articles for Traveltomtom

Spotting Wildlife in Alberta in Winter

Did you know there are plenty opportunities to spot wildlife in Alberta in winter? Although all bears are obviously having their winter sleep and there are less birds in winter, you are still able to spot lots of animals in Alberta, like elk, deer, moose, goats, bighorn sheep, coyotes, wolves, owls, birds, bison and the elusive lynx and cougar or mountain lion. Therefore, I would recommend spotting wildlife as one of the best things to do in Alberta in winter.

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Ultimate 17-Day Itinerary from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth


Via Cape Route 62 and the Garden Route 

Planning a trip to Cape Town in 2020? In this South Africa travel blog I will share my 17-day itinerary from Cape Town that will take you along some of the best places to visit in South Africa, including our day-to-day self-drive route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, which is one of the most popular South Africa itineraries for first timers. I will also share the best places to stay, get you some useful travel tips and things to do in Cape Town, the best stops along the Garden Route and the Karoo, tips about car hire in South Africa, the best Game Reserves for an unforgettable Big Five Safari in Port Elizabeth and more.

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6 Reasons To Stay In Hotel Modez Arnhem

Looking for a hotel in Arnhem, the fashion capital of the Netherlands? In this blog I will mention 6 reasons why Hotel Modez Arnhem is your perfect choice! Recently I’ve visited Arnhem for a photography workshop and exploring the city of Arnhem for a bit. As a travel photographer, I always want to improve my photography skills for the best results and this time I focused on editing in black and white. Curious about my travel photos? Check out my Instagram account @ourplanetinmylens.

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Visit Gaza Border Israel | The Reality Tour


Done with all the touristy things to do in Israel and ready for an off the beaten path adventure to learn more about the Gaza-Israel conflict and people’s daily life in the shade of the wall? In this blog about my trip to the Gaza border I will show you what it is really like.

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Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv Review | 11 Reasons To Stay


Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the world located on the Mediterranean coast in central-west Israel. Getting yourself a little piece of heaven away from the hustle and bustle is a real treat, so therefore I checked in to the Renoma Hotel Tel Aviv and this is my review.

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The 5 Best Tel Aviv Food Tours 


Ever wondered why Israel has become such a good culinary destination? When I mention Israeli food, you might only think of hummus, pita and falafel but that’s a real understatement. The Israeli cuisine has a lot more to offer! Ever heard of Shakshuka, Sambusak or Sabich? Discover it all on one of the below Tel Aviv food tours.

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The Ultimate Madagascar Travel Blog + 2 week Itinerary


When you think of Madagascar you will probably picture idyllic beaches, massive baobabs and funny dancing lemurs, but on top of that you will cross high mountains, country sides, amazing canyons, beautiful rainforests, limestone rock formations and a lot more. When you travel to Madagascar you will see it is an island of passion with surprisingly diverse landscapes, cultures and traditions and very rich and endemic flora and fauna, a Treasure Island waiting for you to be discovered!

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15 Things To Know About The Avenue of Baobabs in Morondava, Madagascar


When you think of traveling to Madagascar, you will probably think of lemurs (King Julian in Madagascar the movie) or about the iconic Madagascar Baobabs at sunset! Am I right? Visiting the ‘Avenue of the Baobabs’ is therefore the number one reason to travel to Morondava in West Madagascar. In this Madagascar travel blog you can read everything about one of the most famous tourist attractions in Madagascar: the Baobab trees of Madagascar. In summer 2019 travel photographer Kim Paffen traveled to Morondava and took absolutely epic pictures and decided to share all her Madagascar Baobab tips with you in this article.

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7 Things To Do In Morondava, Madagascar | Gate to Avenue of the Baobabs


If you decide to travel to Madagascar, you should add Morondava to your Madagascar itinerary. Morondava is a sunny laid-back town on the coast of West Madagascar with a beautiful beach, waving palm trees, cosy wooden clapboard houses, small shops and restaurants and lots of bike rickshaws to take you around and experience all the things to do in Morondava, but most important it is the gateway to the famous Madagascar Baobab Avenue.

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5 Best Things To Do In Nosy Be Madagascar


Nosy Be is an Island 8km off the northwest coast of Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel; several smaller islands are located nearby, including Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Tanikely. Together they form the beautiful archipelago of Nosy Be. The island of Nosy Be, which means ‘Big Island’ in Malagasy language, is a volcanic island with eleven volcanic crater lakes. It’s known for having one of the smallest frogs and chameleons in the world and it’s home to the panther chameleon and different species of lemurs. It’s without a doubt a must-visit when you travel to Madagascar.

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