This Dutchie met Tom during the second Traveltomtom Nambia group trip he organised to Namibia in the summer of 2021. I was always jealous of the pictures he posts on Instagram, even unfollowed him every now and then when I was not able to travel myself because of my work (oops 😉 ), but in the end I was always coming back to his page.

Too curious about his new adventures. When he announced his group trip I decided I wanted to live these adventures of him in real life, instead of via his camera lens. So despite Covid, I jumped on an airplane to the beautiful Namibia and “came as a follower, left as a friend”!

traveltomtom team margot van der linde

I’m a fulltime biology teacher in Holland. The love for (exploring) nature, explaining the ‘how to’s’ and telling stories was given to me by birth, because my dad was a biology teacher as well. When I was a kid, my parents and I explored the surrounding countries of the Netherlands, which means that I had ‘only’ been in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany as foreign countries by the age of twelve. “Take your time to explore. Every place has its beauties and you’re not in a hurry. Enjoy the moment. It would be a waste to rush the adventures for just the ticking of the boxes of a new country.” These are the wise words of my parents, and has become my motto during traveling.

Although my list of visited countries is now way much longer than the three I’d been to when I was twelve, I’m still always trying to travel slowly and live in the moment. I prefer to stay longer in one place, so I really have the feeling I know the place the moment I leave. Where most people are just visiting the touristic hotspots, I prefer to get lost in a city or in nature. I’m always looking for these hidden gems.

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And because of knowing all these hidden gems in places all over the world, but not have a platform to tell about them, I decided to ask Tom if I could write for his travel blog. That’s when I joined the Traveltomtom Team in May 2022 and hit it off with my first article about my itinerary in Romania.

I really hope you’ll have the same smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes when you’re exploring the places I’m writing about. I alternate traveling solo with traveling with my boyfriend or friends. The stories are coming from my heart and I really enjoy to help you with the ‘what to do’s’, ‘where to go to’s’ and ‘how to’s’. You can find my recommendations in my latest articles, or on my own Instagram margotvdlinde . Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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