Sorry for the long wait but I am finally able to announce that the Traveltomtom Group Trip to Uganda is finalized.

After my recent trip to Uganda you guys got so super excited about seeing the gorillas that I couldn’t say no to organizing a Uganda group trip. BTW I LOVED it myself just as much that I wanted to travel to Uganda again soon! ;)

I am sure you have read some of my Uganda travel blogs or seen my Instagram stories. A Uganda trip is pretty adventurous although don’t worry I am not gonna put you on the back of a motorbike.

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The Traveltomtom Group Trip will start in Entebbe on August 10th 2021 and lasts 7 days and 6 nights. In the evening of the August the 16th we will get back to Entebbe.

traveltomtom group trip uganda 4

Highlights of this Uganda trip

Of course the trekking with the Chimpanzees AND the mountain gorilla trekking are the highlights of this Uganda trip. I recommend you to click on the link and read a little about the mountain gorilla trekking or watch my Instagram highlights.

Is it hard? Well, that depends on your fitness level. I think it is very doable and above all it is big fun to trek through a thick jungle! But you have to be prepared to hike up and down slippery hills for something between 3 to 8 hours, it is unpredictable. You can hire porters for only $15 to help you and I will of course also be there to support anyone who needs it. So don't worry too much!

The chimpanzee trekking is a complete different activity and is much easier. The terrain is mostly on flat in the National Park where the chimps live.

This Uganda trip will be all about nature and wildlife. On top of the trekking days there will be boat safaris and game drivers. If you are an animal lover this is going to be the exact trip you are looking for.

The trip is NOT physically demanding apart from the mountain gorilla trekking.

How are we traveling in Uganda

For the duration of the trip will be traveling in the same vehicle, a 10-seater 4x4 WD safari van with a pop up roof. The van is equipped with power sockets. It is requested NOT to bring hard cover suitcases.

safari van uganda trip 2

Group size

We will be traveling in a small group of just 6 people!


Since Uganda can be super expensive and I wanted to keep the group trip price within limits it was a little task to find cool and relaxing, but also affordable accommodation for our trip. We will be staying in a mix of mid-range and boutique hotels and lodges.

I tried to cut costs for accommodation here and there because we are going to have a full but super excited program anyway. We will spend most of our time outdoors or on the road.

REQUIREMENT for the Uganda group trip: sharing rooms is necessary! Simply too expensive otherwise. So I will be booking 3 twin rooms. I will make sure there is an equal amount of male/female on the trip.

Meals are included

Apart from the first day, all meals will be included. All accommodations are on Full Board basis. In case we are on safari or trekking, the hotels and lodges will arrange a packed lunch for us.

Itinerary Uganda Trip Traveltomtom

Trust me, since the trip is only 7d/6n I jam-packed the days with epic experiences. Be prepared to wake up EARLY every day. Distances in Uganda might not be too long but it takes a lot of time to get from A to B.

Day 1: Entebbe - arrival - no activities planned

I will make sure I will be in Entebbe before you guys so I can welcome you personally. Airport transfer is included!

Entebbe is pretty a relaxing town, nothing like Kampala. A cool optional thing to do in Entebbe is visiting Aero Beach. We get time to meet and get to know each other and we will find a cool place to have dinner in the evening. Meals are NOT included on day 1.

Day 2: Kibale National Park - Chimpanzee trekking

traveltomtom group trip uganda 3

A very early start as we drive from Entebbe to Kibale National Park. We check in to our lodge and after we are briefed we will go trekking to find the Chimpanzee family in the National Park.

Day 3: Queen Elizabeth National Park - boat safari and game drive

traveltomtom group trip uganda 2

Today we drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park and after checking in to our accommodation for the day we will go for a 2 hour boat safari. In the late afternoon we will go on a 2 - 3 hour game drive and if we are lucky we can spot the tree climbing lions.

Day 4: Queen Elizabeth NP - game drives and drive to Bwindi

After an early morning game drive of about 4 hours in Queen Elizabeth National Park, we set sail for Bwindi National Park where we will arrive in the late afternoon. We stay at our lodge for 2 nights.

Day 5: Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi NP

traveltomtom group trip uganda 7

After breakfast we head to the entrance of Bwindi National Park for the mountain gorilla trekking. The trekking can take anything between 2 hours to 8 hours, it totally depends on the movement of the gorillas.

Depending on the duration of the trekking there is the opportunity to see the Batwa tribe people in the afternoon. This activity is optional and depends on how long we will be trekking in the jungle. Extra costs are around $20 per person for those who are interested and duration is about 1 to 1,5 hour. We will decide about this on the spot as the trekking can be exhausting.

Day 6: Lake Bunyonyi - relaxing at a beautiful crater lake

traveltomtom group trip uganda 1

After breakfast in Bwindi we head to Lake Bunyonyi, an amazing crater lake surrounded by volcanoes. There are many optional activities like bike tours, kayaking, etc. However, after a jam packed schedule with early mornings every day I feel that some of us want to relax.

Activities this day are optional and at own expense. We will stay in a nice hotel with a pool and gorgeous views over Lake Bunyonyi, so there is no need to do anything if you don't feel like it.

Day 7: Return to Entebbe - end of the trip

This is our last day. After we check out in Lake Bunyonyi, we drive back to Entebbe. We will have lunch somewhere along the road and stop at the equator sign. We will arrive in Entebbe around 7 pm only.

Accommodation on day 7 is NOT included. There are several cute and cheap guesthouses in Entebbe, I can recommend you Muti Entebbe, however I wanna stay there myself too and they only have 3 rooms. ;) LOL

How can you join?

If you are interested please send an email to with the following:

  • Motivation why you want to join
  • Why you are a great fit to the group
  • Nationality of your passport
  • Country of residence
  • A SHORT travel background

I will make a selection from the applications and will select the participants as soon as possible of course

Basically almost everything is included! YES, Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits are included.

The standard rates for the gorilla trekking permit is $700 p.p and the chimpanzee trekking permit is $200 p.p. However at the moment there is still a discount available for these permits and I paid a month ago only $400. It is still uncertain if the permits will remain at the discounted price for August or not. However, the trip price will be based on the standard rates.

In case we get lucky and we can buy the permits at the discounted rate you will of course be reimbursed. In that case I will make sure you get back $350 USD.

Great read for when considering the Uganda Group Trip: 33 Things To Know When You Travel To Uganda!

What is NOT included?

  • International Flights
  • Tips & gratuity
  • Travel insurance
  • (Alcoholic) beverages
  • Anything not stated above


After you have been confirmed as a participant on the trip, you will be send the payment details. I expect you to pay the full amount within 48 hours after my confirmation.

Our travel partner in Uganda

For me it was important to find a local partner as that way I am 100% sure the money flows directly into the hands of a local.

I found a local partner in Uganda, a man who is born and raised and set up a small tour company. In 2018 he was the guide of one of my guest writers and she pointed me in the direction of this humble man. We put together the above itinerary and we agreed on organizing this trip together.

He will be the guide and driver for the entire trip.

Travel restrictions Uganda

Uganda has currently imposed another lockdown. However, this does NOT count for tourists traveling with a tour operator. As that will apply to us we won’t be affected by the travel restrictions. It makes traveling in Uganda even much easier to be honest because roads will be less busy.

Entry restrictions Uganda as per June 2021:

  • A negative PCR test not older than 120 hours from moment of testing has to be shown on arrival.
  • Passengers coming from UAE, UK, USA, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania will need to do an additional covid test at the airport for $50 USD.

However this is new and I know already people that had talked their way out of it, by saying they were just transiting.

Needless to say: covid restriction can change at any time!

Uganda travel insurance

Anything regarding travel and health insurance is the full responsibility of the participant, neither Travetomtom or our partner in Uganda can be held responsible for any travel insurance related topics.

Everyone will need to take care of their OWN travel insurance and or cancellation insurance.


Last day of our tour and PCR test

On the last day of our 7 day tour the accommodation is NOT included when arriving back in Entebbe. If you want to fly away that day in the evening that is possible and a airport drop off will be arranged. There is a possibility to arrange a PCR test on day 6 in the hotel in Lake Bunyonyi for around $120 USD.

In Entebbe there are multiple PCR test stations that return the result in 24 hours for around $80. We can also arrange a stop along the road back to Entebbe to do the PCR test in case more people want/need it.

If you have an extra day in Entebbe then you could opt for a cool day trip visiting Kampala.

I am looking forward reading your applications for this adventurous trip and excited to welcome a cool group in Uganda in August!