• Breakzy Road Trip to Copenhagen


    After more than 9 weeks backpacking in Yucatan, Mexico and a quick trip to Cuba I landed back in Europe. At the beginning of this year I planned another road trip from Amsterdam like I did so many the last two years. Road trips are one of my fave ways to go off the beaten path in Europe so I was super excited to team up with Breakzy again. A road trip to Copenhagen was the plan but with the Breakzy App you never know where you end up.

  • Buying a Sim Card at Copenhagen Airport in 2024

    Preparing for your trip to Copenhagen and looking for ways to stay connected when traveling to Denmark? Don't let high roaming charges or slow overseas data roaming plans ruin your trip. Here is a complete guide with everything you need to know about buying a sim card at Copenhagen Airport.

    Find out where to buy a sim card at Copenhagen Airport, up to date prices as per June 2024, more about e-sim cards for Denmark, my recommendation, info about EU data roaming, international sim cards and more.

  • Buying a Sim Card for Denmark in 2024

    Planning your trip to Denmark and wondering what is the best way to stay connected? Forget about slow and expensive overseas data roaming plans, get yourself a local prepaid sim card or even better an e-sim card for Denmark and avoid high roaming charges.

    This is the ultimate guide for finding the best sim card for traveling to Denmark in 2024. Find out where to buy a sim card, a comparison of the prepaid sim cards, up to date prices as per June 2024, the best 4G/5G network in Denmark, the best e-sim cards for Denmark, my recommendation, information about international sim cards and everything else you need to know before buying a sim card for Denmark.

  • Road trip from Amsterdam to Bremen, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö by bus

    Let me take you on a journey around the Northern countries in Europe. Traveling by bus is much more sustainable than by plane and you will be able to explore much more cities in one trip and if you book in advanced it is really cheap too. I traveled by bus from Amsterdam to Bremen and Hamburg in Germany and continued my road trip by bus to Copenhagen in Denmark and ended up taking a train to Malmö, Sweden. Keep reading how I did it, how much it costs and find all my travel tips for these cities.