• Best E-Sim Cards for Traveling to Germany in 2024

    Are you planning to travel to Germany and looking to stay connected with an e-sim card? This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about using an e-sim card for traveling to Germany including a comparison of the best Germany e-sim cards for 2024.

    Don’t waste money on high roaming charges, read my recommendation and order an e-sim card for Germany on the internet and get connected in just a couple minutes. Below you will find up to date prices as per June 2024, including all specifications per e-sim card including info about EU data roaming.

  • The Ultimate Frankfurt Travel Guide for 2024

    Although I grew up only 2.5 hours away from Frankfurt I never really explored the city as much as I should have. My first time visiting Frankfurt was only in 2006 during the FIFA World Cup football in Germany.

    We slept outside on the grass on the river side in a sleeping bag. It was the adventurous end of an epic night out after Netherlands played against Argentina. That experience has always resonated with me and ever since I am a fan of visiting Frankfurt. 

    Here are all my travel tips and recommendations to also make your trip to Frankfurt one to remember.