• Case Study Social Media Campaign St. Regis Red Sea Saudi

    Lately I had the chance to be one of the first guests in the recently opened St. Regis Red Sea Resort in the Saudi Red Sea Destination. It was an absolutely amazing trip staying in this luxury resort on a private island, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

    Instead of writing a hotel review blog post here is an insight of what it is like to do a social media campaign as a travel influencer. I put together this case study to show off what a successful influencer campaign looks like and for future clients to figure out what it is like to work with Traveltomtom.

  • How To Afford To Travel (and become a Full Time Travel Blogger)

    It is the most asked question on my social media channels for sure! How do you afford to travel for so long? Understandable! My Instagram profile literally says how many days I have now been continuously on the road and as of March 2021 that is 3,000 days. So how to afford to travel the world? This is my story...

  • How to grow your Instagram account

    How to grow your Instagram? How to get followers on Instagram? How to get likes on Instagram? These kind of questions I get a lot from fellow travellers and there is no clear answer on how to do it, though I think a little guideline already helps a lot.

  • Life of a beginning travel blogger

    It took a couple years but I finally started blogging. I said about a hundred times that I was about to start writing however there was always a reason why I did not start my own website. Last year I was pushed and asked from several sides to keep track of my travels and blog about it. One of my best mates, an IT specialist, set up a website in May 2015 and now I already call myself a full-time blogger. Where is this going?