• Buying a Sim Card at Johannesburg Airport in 2024

    Traveling to South Africa and flying to Johannesburg and wondering if you can buy a prepaid sim card for tourists in Johannesburg International Airport? Don't let high roaming charges or slow overseas data roaming plans ruin your trip. This is a complete guide for buying a sim card at Johannesburg Airport in 2024.

    Let me show you the best ways to stay connected when traveling to Johannesburg. Find out everything you need to know about buying a sim card for your trip to South Africa at Johannesburg Airport on arrival with up to date prices as per June 2024, where to buy a sim card, my recommendation, the best e-sim cards for South Africa, a vlog about my arrival and experiences, info about international and sim cards and more.

  • Buying a Sim Card for Lesotho in 2024

    Planning a trip to Lesotho and looking for the best ways to get connected? Buying a local prepaid sim card or an e-sim card is the easiest way to keep using data on your phone when traveling in Lesotho. This is a complete guide showing you the mobile internet providers of Lesotho, up to date prices for prepaid sim cards and e-sim cards as per June 2024, give you my recommendation and tell you about my experience getting and using a local prepaid sim card in Lesotho.

    As part of visiting every country in the world I recently traveled to Lesotho and checked out the options for buying local prepaid sim cards for tourists. I also wrote prepaid sim card guides for Johannesburg, Cape Town, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Europe, United Kingdom, USA and many more countries around the world.

  • Country 114: Lesotho | Surprisingly FANTASTIC


    A step back in time, but a great one! Lesotho travel is still super authentic and life out there in world's highest country is extremely laid back. The scenery is absolutely amazing and the people very friendly and happy to see tourists. Visiting Lesotho was a big surprise.

    Little did I know about Lesotho before my visit. I knew that it was mountainous, but I had no clue that the lowest point of the country is at 1,400 m (4,593 ft.). Which makes it by far the highest country on earth, followed by Rwanda with a lowest point of 950 m (3,116 ft).

  • Lesotho