• 65 Things To Know Before Traveling to Thailand

    Since I lived, traveled, partied, visited, explored and adventured in Thailand more than 20 times, trust me this is the most comprehensive Thailand travel tips guide that you will find on the internet. Let me help you getting started for your trip to Thailand with info about: things to do and not do, cultural guidelines, places to visit, standard travel tips, how to get around and everything else you need to know when visiting Thailand.

  • 68 Interesting Facts about Thailand and Bangkok

    You think you know everything about Thailand? Well... you couldn't be further from the truth. This beautiful country is known as Prathet Thai which means 'land of the free'. Apart from its incredibly friendly people, Thailand is full of diverse ecosystems which include lush jungles, rugged coastlines, hilly forests, endless pristine beaches, fertile rice fields, rivers, plains, waterfalls, and so much more.

    Oh yeah and Thailand has more than 1,400 islands to explore.

  • How to Find Cheap Domestic Flights in Thailand

    Most people that visit Thailand assume that taking busses, trains and boats are the easiest ways to get around Thailand. But in fact the best, fastest and easiest way is by finding domestic flights in Thailand. But isn't that expensive? Nope! Don't worry backpackers even domestic flights in Thailand are cheap! In this blog I will show you how to find these flight deals, where to book them and everything else you need to know: luggage allowance, airlines, safety issues, etc.