As a child my parents always took us on adventurous holidays, from hiking in Austria and Norway, to a self-guided canoeing trip through the rural, remote and wilderness areas of Sweden. During my childhood years I got to see a fair bit of Europe.

My mum is a Kiwi, so I grew up with stories about her homeland New Zealand. Ever since I was young, I have always been intrigued about the Land of the Long White Cloud. So when I was given the opportunity to do my graduation assignment in Christchurch, New Zealand, I grabbed that chance with both hands and made it my first overseas travel experience in 2010. I lived and worked in New Zealand for 6 months and got to see quite a bit of that beautiful country.

During these 6 months I caught the ‘travel bug’. I felt the urge to travel the world and explore new places, but not alone this time, but with my boyfriend Remy. We got to see some beautiful places in the years that followed, and made more and more travels each year.

It was the Summer of 2012 when we were planning our five week New Zealand and Australia trip for early 2013, when we got the crazy idea to get married in New Zealand during that trip. That crazy idea turned into plans, and while travelling through New Zealand, in between sightseeing the North Island, we got married at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Coromandel.

From seeing the Northern Lights in Tromsø to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubai and Berlin, from snorkeling both the Great Barrier Reef and the Ningaloo Reef to doing the Cage of Death in Darwin, from the Big Buddha in Hong Kong to the Table Mountain in Cape Town, and from the most beautiful nature and spotting orca’s in Western Canada to the city that never sleeps New York, we have been very lucky these past few years, but still have a never ending bucketlist to go through.

I joined team Traveltomtom in July 2018. The international focus of Traveltomtom is what got me excited. By joining Traveltomtom my articles with our experiences and tips would reach a large and international audience. I get really enthusiastic about travelling and with over 8 years of travel experience I think I can help other travelers by answering questions they may have and create their dream trip.

Curious to what destinations and travels we have lined up for the year ahead? Keep following our travels through this website or via my own Instagram Travelashie.

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Find below Ashley's latest articles for Traveltomtom

Bearhill Husky | Dream Husky Safari Adventure

Tourism and animals are certainly not always a successful combination. In Finland they have lived closely with nature and animals for centuries. People, reindeer, moose and huskies live together here and cannot live without each other.

Using animals for tourist purposes is of course something different, but if it is done in a good and correct way it can only be recommended. In that light I would like to tell you everything about my trip with Bearhill Husky. Read my review blog below about our experiences on our husky safari adventure.

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Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara Rovaniemi

Imagine a hotel, located on top of a hill, surrounded by the most amazing, beautiful and fresh nature you have ever seen and experienced. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, think again. Because Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara in Rovaniemi offers you this dreamy hotel location and so much more! We stayed in Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara and this is our review blog.

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Apukka Resort Rovaniemi | Bucketlist Hotel in Lapland

When you talk about unique places to stay, Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi is certainly one of them. When you think of Lapland, you think of those dream accommodations in the middle of nature. Apukka Resort totally fits this image and is one of those dream resorts where every traveler loves to stay.

According to their website they are home of the finest and most comfortable Northern Lights accommodations in Rovaniemi. Let’s experience that ourselves I would say. Here is our review blog about our stay at Apukka Resort Rovaniemi.

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Flora Batava | Idyllic Boutique Hotel in Breukelen

It was time for another trip in the Netherlands. This time our destination was a place we know well, because we had stayed there before, Breukelen. Even though Breukelen is only a really small town, we didn’t know the amazing boutique hotel Flora Batava existed.

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Hotel Villa Ruimzicht | Monumental Villa in the Achterhoek

In recent years we have made more and more trips in The Netherlands. And it is so much fun to discover unknown places in your own country.

We still look for new places in the Netherlands several times a year. One of our favorite regions is the Achterhoek, in the east of the country. It is enormous, lots of nature, nice and quiet, lovely villages, many castles, the perfect ingredients for a nice weekend away.

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Hotel de Beyaerd | Luxury Outdoor Fun in the Veluwe

The Veluwe is one of my favorite places to visit in the Netherlands. It’s the perfect destination for a relaxed or a sporty outdoor weekend. I like to travel to the Veluwe to relax and enjoy nature and the outdoors.

I also love to explore and experience new parts of the Veluwe. We did exactly that just recently when we visited Hotel de Beyaerd.

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HANWAG Coastridge Low | Ultimate Walking Shoe

Never underestimate the value and power of a good walking shoe. Over the years I have come to appreciate really good and decent walking shoes more and more. Especially after having had and worn out several inferior shoes in a short time. Since then I have decided never to opt for inferior and cheaper walking shoes again and to invest in quality. If you can test and use shoes from a brand like HANWAG, then you naturally say yes.

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Boutique & Design Hotel Navis | Unique Luxury Hotel in Rijeka

Excel in Luxury and Service is exactly what Boutique & Design Hotel Navis in Opatija, Rijeka is all about!

Five star hotels are often big, bigger, biggest. The motto is often the bigger the better the more luxurious. Having said that however, I often find myself lost in these huge hotels. After checking in, it can sometimes feel like a maze to find your room.

Big is not always better and best. This must have been the thought when building Boutique and Design Hotel Navis in Croatia. A small-scale five star hotel where personal service is key.

Read below all about my experiences staying in this charming boutique hotel in Kvarner Bay, Rijeka.

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LEVEL8 Suitcase Voyageur Collection Review

Earlier this year we reviewed some LEVEL8 suitcases to great satisfaction. We have been travelling using only Level 8 luggage ever since. For us a suitcase is always the way to go when we travel. Especially since we discovered the Level8 brand and its decent and solid suitcases.

The collaboration between LEVEL8 and Traveltomtom was so well received by both sides that we decided to continue this collaboration. This time we received their new Voyageur collection to test and review. Without revealing too much already, these suitcases are next level!

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What it's Like to Sleep at The Efteling

As a kid in the Netherlands I grew up with the Efteling. Everyone knows it and every child would love to visit. The Efteling is the oldest, largest, best-known and most popular amusement park in the Netherlands. The Efteling is also the largest amusement park in the Benelux in terms of visitor. After Disneyland in Paris and the German Europa Park the Efteling is the most visited theme park in Europe.

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