Cooler boxes, chilly bins and cooler bags are often inconvenient in size and difficult to take with you on a trip. Yet their functionality is often desired when travelling. We have often explored the outdoors, where it would have been great to have a handy cooler bag to keep drinks chilled for a few hours.

So when EVERFUN reached out to Traveltomtom to introduce their cooler backpack, we were instantly enthusiastic and curious to learn more about these soft cooler bags and backpacks in one.

EVERFUN is a dynamic and young emerging cooler backpack brand for outdoor activities. They aim to create the perfect cooler bags for any outdoor activity.

Diverse range of cooler bags

everfun cooler backpack 1

EVERFUN offers a diverse range of cooler bags and backpacks. No matter what outdoor activity you have in mind, EVERFUN offers a matching cooler bag.

They have the cooler backpacks in several sizes and colors and the regular soft cooler bags. They also offer hydration backpacks with a 2L reservoir.

everfun cooler backpack 1

Traveltomtom tested the EVERFUN 30-Can Leakproof Insulated Cooler Backpack. After receiving the backpack we immediately thought, why haven’t we discovered this earlier? A well designed backpack to keep your drinks and foods cool at all time.

Key Features

everfun cooler backpack 6

The insulated cooler backpack offers a surprisingly large storing capacity of 30 cans. The bag comes with two insulated storage compartments that will hold your food and drinks cold throughout the day.

It’s made to be a comfortable backpack you can carry for a long time without hurting the shoulders or waist, the backpack comes with padded straps and back that provide much needed comfort and support when carrying a heavy load, like 30 cans. No more carrying heavy traditional big coolers.

Some well thought out details are the bottle opener for beers or sodas and the elastic strap on the front for beach or picnic mat. EVERFUN cooler backpack keeps your food and drinks cold for 20 hours, with ice or cooling packs.


everfun cooler backpack 3

You would think that such a clever and handy backpack would not be cheap. Well, think twice, because EVERFUN has very affordable products, especially for the quality they offer.

Our tested 30-Can Cooler Backpack comes at $49,99, which is their most expensive product. Other cooler bags and backpacks, with lower capacity, come at a cheaper price.

everfun cooler backpack 7

We put the cooler backpack to the test when we took it with us to Disneyland Paris and The Hague and the Dutch coast. Especially on our trip to Disneyland we travelled with kids and we had cold drinks for the whole day. The backpack truly keeps your drinks extremely well chilled, which is simply perfect. No more warm drinks after a few hours of travelling.

Travelling with kids can be a hassle, we travelled with many bags and suitcases. All our drinks and foods were in the cooler backpack, which was no hassle at all to take with us. Just easy and comfortable on our back.

Even after a full day being out, we took ice cold drinks out of the cooler bag late at night, just perfect!

everfun cooler backpack 5

We recommend the EVERFUN Cooler Backpack to anyone who is looking for a cooler bag for outdoor adventures, for taking on hikes, camping trips or to the beach. They keep their promise, foods and drinks stay cold for up to 20 hours.

This travel gear review about the Everfun Cool Backpack was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the EverFun Cooler Backpack to test extensively and to write this review blog post about it.