In the Winter of 2020 we had our first collaboration with Fjällräven. Back then they provided us with a full Fjällräven winter clothing set to review. It was our introduction to the Fjällräven brand. We really liked their products and quality.

When we started planning our most recent trip to Lapland, we knew we needed only the best possible gear. Knowing that the temperature in Lapland can drop well below 0, only the best of the best would suffice. With our previous Fjällräven experiences, there was only one way to go for me.

About Fjällräven

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka Details 2

Fjällräven comes from the small town of Örnsjöldsvik in Sweden, a place where mountains, forest and sea come together. Fjällräven specializes in outdoor clothing and equipment and is committed to making nature more accessible. In true Swedish style, their focus is on simplicity and practicality, and they have the utmost respect for the environment.

Fjällräven was born from one man's vision: a vision to make nature more accessible to more people. The idea of starting Fjällräven arose out of necessity; to develop a backpack with sufficient volume that would also feel comfortable at the same time. It’s the start of a very successful company. Nowadays Fjällräven has expanded its product range which now includes clothing and accessories too.

Fjällräven Nuuk Parka

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka Lapland 1

For our trip to Rovaniemi in Lapland I was given the Fjällräven Nuuk Parka to try and review it. I first saw this parka online on their website and I was immediately enthusiastic. The parka looked super good and fancy but also very warm. I especially liked the fake-fur collar around the hoodie.

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka Details 1

Because we were going to travel to some very cold parts of Europe, I wanted a long jacket that would reach down over the rear and thighs.

The Nuuk is a long Parka that actually reaches down over the thighs, which is just perfect. It’s the perfect jacket for protection against wind and rain. The synthetic padding will keep you warm in really cold temperatures.

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka Northern Lights 3

One evening we went Northern Lights chasing the whole night, with temperatures reaching -20 degrees Celsius. Of course it is important that you dress well, preferably in layers, which we did. But the top layer, my Fjällräven Nuuk Parka was simply the best. I wasn’t cold for a second that night. Nor have I been cold during that trip to Lapland.

The fake-fur hoodie was the best. It was large and super warm. I felt like I was completely drowning in it, but that's what made it the perfect and warmest hoodie.

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka Lapland 6

The Nuuk Parka has a total of 8 pockets. So it offers you plenty of space to store wallet, phone or gloves. The two front pockets, where I mostly put my hands when we were out for a walk, have a fleece interior. Believe me, that is just the best. It feels extra warm.

The Nuuk Parka doesn’t only look good on catalog photos. It actually fits like a glove. Due to the drawstring at the waist and the double-sided zipper with protective flap this parka looks really stylish.

The Nuuk Parka is a new version of Fjällräven's classic parka, this time with durable materials, improved functions and a better fit.

Traveltomtom’s verdict

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka Northern Lights 2

I had only one requirement for the jacket I wanted for my Lapland trip. It had to be as warm as possible. The Nuuk Parka delivered on this and so many more aspects.

It's a long parka which is the best, it keeps you even extra warm. The hoodie is simply the best. Once you put it on, you won’t want to take it off again, just because it fits so well and feels so good.

It is not just a jacket that only warms you but furthermore does not feel good or does not look good. No, the Nuuk Parka fits just perfectly and looks super stylish.

The jacket is part of Fjällrävens ‘Polar’ product group and is insulating, durable, waterproof and windproof. The most important features a decent winter jacket needs to have.

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka Lapland 5

For me the Nuuk Parka was my ultimate winter travel buddy during my recent Lapland trip. I'm secretly disappointed that the winters in the Netherlands don't get that cold. Because for the Dutch winters, this parka seems just a bit too warm, unfortunately.

With more than half a century of experience tackling the outdoors, there really is no need to look further than Fjällräven’s product range. They are the best in their segment. That extra dollar paid for these products really shows in the great quality and high performance of their outdoor gear.

Insiders tip: Like many other brands, the Fjällräven products go on sale every so often and we would recommend you to keep an eye out on their sale moments if you’re thinking of trying these awesome products.

Fjallraven Nuuk Parka Lapland 2

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the Fjällräven Nuuk Parka to test extensively and to write this review.