Just recently LEVEL8 asked us if we wanted to test their newest arrival, the Capture Carry-On. A pleasant surprise, as this is not a hard suitcase but a soft sided one. We normally don't travel with soft sided suitcases, however this Capture Carry-On could change things here. Just like all the others, this LEVEL8 suitcase also lives up to the high expectations.

The Traveltomtom Team previously reviewed and tested some LEVEL8 suitcases to great satisfaction.

The partnership between LEVEL8 and Traveltomtom started with reviewing the Full Aluminum Carry On and the Luminous Trunk Luggage. These were very quickly followed by a set of the amazing Voyageur Collection. The mutual satisfaction with this partnership is so good that the Freeloop Carry On and the Hegent Carry On soon followed.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the Capture Carry-Onto test extensively and to write this review.

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On 2

Ashley: 'Whenever we travel now, we use LEVEL8 gear as we simply like their quality and comfort'.


The great thing about the Capture Carry-On suitcase from LEVEL8 is that it is an expandable suitcase. It expands to fit your needs but stays compact for easy movement. If you are just going away for an extended weekend, you can keep the suitcase compact and it will fit everything you want to bring. But if you are travelling for a longer trip, you can easily expand the suitcase and create more room to pack your stuff. With this expandable feature you gain an extra 6 Liters packing capacity.

LEVEL8 Key Features

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On Inside 1

As always with LEVEL8, the details and key features have been perfected down to the last detail. We have tested many LEVEL8 gear before and can clearly recognize the classic LEVEL8 touches.

Many of the LEVEL8 suitcases do not have zippers, but this one does. And these are of high quality and work super smooth.

Never change a winning team must be the case when it comes to the silent and smooth 360° wheels. They strike the perfect balance of luxury and practically.

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On Details 1

A handle can make or break a suitcase for me personally. A suitcase can be the best out there, if the handle doesn’t work perfectly smooth, the suitcase will be a no-go for me. Luckily LEVEL8 holds these details in high regard and pay a lot of attention to continue perfecting this.  The suitcase also has very sturdy and fine handles. They make lifting and transporting the suitcase very easy for you.

Extra pockets

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On 3

This suitcase has a few extra and very handy pockets next to the main compartment. There is a front pocket which can very easily be used for travel documents or other stuff you need to have easy and quick access to. There is also a small side pocket for quick access to your phone, power bank or other small items.

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On 4

Stay organized with this Capture Carry-On.

Quick identification

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On Details 3

No more need for a luggage tag, this suitcase has one built in! On the side of the suitcase there is a quick – pull tag that makes your info pop out. Very clever LEVEL8, please keep that with your next suitcases too!

TSA lock

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On TSALock

Many of the suitcases nowadays have built in TSA locks. This suitcase has a zipper but without built in TSA lock. LEVEL8 thinks ahead here with delivering the suitcase with a TSA lock separately. Just open the front pocket and you will find it here. So good!

Capacity and dimensions

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On 1

Perhaps the most important information for carry-on suitcases is exactly how big they are and how much can fit in them. 

The empty suitcase itself weighs approximately 3.8 kilos. The capacity is 40L, and expanded that will be 46L.

LEVEL8 Capture Carry On Inside 2

The dimensions compressed are: 23.5L x 38W x 58H in centimeters. The expanded dimensions are: 27.5L x 38W x 58H in centimeters.

Where to buy

You can buy LEVEL8 suitcases directly through the LEVEL8 website, but they are also available through Amazon. This Capture Carry-On is available for $339.99 USD.

Luggage warranty

LEVEL8 pays keen attention to the quality and material of their products. Their luggage is put through high quality tests before shipping out to ensure you're getting the very best from LEVEL8. And that's why they offer lifetime warranty that covers any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers or anything else that impairs your use of the luggage. So you can travel without any worries this way.

LEVEL8 Review

LEVEL8 is one of the top suitcase brands and easily competes with well-known and established brands. I still prefer hard case suitcases, but this Capture Carry-On has definitely surprised me. Especially because it is expandable it makes this suitcase very suitable for multiple purposes, short 2-3 days trips but also longer journeys. I think it is a great addition to the LEVEL8 luggage and bags and is definitely something different from the other suitcases they offer.