Earlier this year we reviewed some LEVEL8 suitcases to great satisfaction. We have been travelling using only Level 8 luggage ever since. For us a suitcase is always the way to go when we travel. Especially since we discovered the Level8 brand and its decent and solid suitcases.

The collaboration between LEVEL8 and Traveltomtom was so well received by both sides that we decided to continue this collaboration. This time we received their new Voyageur collection to test and review. Without revealing too much already, these suitcases are next level!

Here is our review blog about the new LEVEL8 Voyageur collection.

LEVEL8 Voyageur Collection - 20” & 28” Set

level8 voyageur collection review

The Voyageur Collection comes in several sizes and colors. It’s available as carry on 20” size. Next to that they also have several check-in options as well. They come in 26”, 28” and 30”.

They also offer Voyageur sets where you can choose from 20” & 28” or 20” & 26”. We were given the Voyageur 20” & 28” set, so those are the focus for this review.

level8 voyageur collection review 8

Of course, the standard features of a LEVEL8 suitcase are not missing from this new collection. One of the best things that LEVEL8 has brought to its suitcases are there ultra-quiet 360 degrees durable spinner wheels. These are whisper quiet with anti-shock design and allow movement with small resistance. They are the best wheels I have ever experienced with any suitcase.

level8 voyageur collection tsa lock

Of course, the TSA lock is also included. For the Voyageur Collection they used the Germany Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate Hard Shell material. It is durable, anti-scratch and easy to use luggage. Perfect for modern travel.

Click here to check out the LEVEL8 Voyageur Collection - 20” & 28” Set on the Level8 website.

They also added some new features and limited edition colors to this new collection. And it’s these new features and colors that make these suitcases stand out and different from anything else.

Limited Edition

level8 voyageur collection review 3

The Voyageur collection comes standard in the colors black and blue. However, LEVEL8 has two Limited Edition colors for this new collection. It’s the Yellow/Black color and the Celadon color. Because we had never seen this color before and because we like something different, we went for the Celadon color. They are the best. Black suitcases are boring and this one truly stands out. Never again in doubt whether it is our suitcase on the baggage carousel at the airport.

Wide-Handle Design

level8 voyageur collection wide handle design

A smooth operating handle is one of the most important features of a suitcase. It’s always the first thing I try, how smoothly does the handle operate.

LEVEL8 suitcases are equipped with the best of the best among the suitcase handles.

The Voyageur Collection comes with next level handle design. They introduced a creative wide handle design. I have never seen this before, but it makes so much more sense. The handle runs across the entire width of the suitcase. It feels like all suitcases should be like this.

This wide trolley system enables a maximized base which allows for increased packing space. It also delivers more stability to your luggage and saves labor while moving it.

Scratch protectors

level8 voyageur collection review 2

I have been using LEVEL8's Full Aluminum Carry On as my main suitcase for the past couple of months, read all about it in my Level8 Luggage review blog. It has been my ultimate travel companion on multiple trips across Europe last Spring and Summer. And unfortunately you already see that too. Especially at the back of the suitcase, the side I always put down first in the luggage compartments, is now completely scratched already. Obviously it does not detract from the functionality of the suitcase, it’s just a pity that it’s fully scratched.

I immediately noticed the scratch protectors at both suitcases of this new Voyageur Collection. Four scratch protectors at the back of the suitcase. When you put these suitcases in the luggage compartments, they won’t get scratched, simply because of these protectors. Very well done LEVEL8!

Luggage warranty

LEVEL8 pays keen attention to the quality and material of their products. Their luggage is put through high quality tests before shipping out, to ensure you’re getting the very best from LEVEL8. And that’s why they offer lifetime warranty that covers any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers or anything else that impairs your use of the luggage.

LEVEL8 Review

We became a fan of LEVEL8 when we tested their suitcases earlier this year. But they have outdone themselves with this new Voyageur Collection. They really went next level with this one. It’s especially the details that truly make the difference here. The wide-handle design and the scratch protectors are true winners for me. In fact, I think every suitcase should have these from now on!

With this new collection we can absolutely travel in style and never have to look for our suitcase again. They stand out with this unique color.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the Voyageur 20” & 28” Limited Edition from Level8 set to test extensively and to write this review.