For a bucket list trip to Lapland we got in touch with LOWA for the first time. Back then they provided us with their best winter boots. A great start to an even better collaboration with LOWA.

After this first experience LOWA even asked me if I was interested in walking the Nijmegen Four Day Marches on their behalf. And so I did in 2023 with their special Nijmegen Marches boots.

In fact, we are considering taking up the challenge of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches again in 2025.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the LOWA Fortux GTX shoes for men and women, to test extensively and to write this review.

For this year we decided to test the latest LOWA addition for this spring and summer, the Fortux GTX (Ws). The perfect shoe for trail running and trail hiking. With trips to the Dolomites and Austria we simply couldn't wait to bring them and test them to the fullest.

LOWA Fortux GTX review 11

I'm a frequent hiker and walker, so I have had decent walking boots for many years. I always had high rise hiking boots, but in recent years preference has increasingly been given to low walking shoes. The LOWA Nijmegen boots were my first introduction to low walking shoes and I love it ever since. Although the shoes are super comfortable and I have never had a blister in them, they can also look a bit sturdy and bulky. And sometimes we are just looking for a slightly sportier look.

LOWA Fortux GTX review 8

LOWA came up with their new Fortux GTX shoe. A very sporty looking trail running and hiking shoe.

Key features

LOWA Fortux GTX review 6

LOWA pays a lot of attention to the development of their shoes. They are also continuously developing the best shoe for trend sports such as trail running. They are experts in what they do and attach great importance to some key features of their shoes. It's these key features that make their shoes outstanding and the best of their kind.


LOWA Fortux GTX review 3

Running off paved roads is also a trend sport for every season. Even in soaking wet, muddy or snowy conditions the tear-resistant upper of the Fortux GTX and the integrated GORE-TEX membrane ensure that the feet always stay dry and can breathe easily. This innovative GORE-TEX technology guarantees optimal waterproofness and breathability.

In addition to being waterproof and breathable, the shoe is also completely windproof. With these shoes, tours are possible in any type of weather.

LOWA TRAC sole system

LOWA Fortux GTX review 12

The LOWA TRAC sole system, which consists of a particularly striking DYNEVA midsole with a high rebound effect, plays an important role in terms of wearing comfort. In combination with the grippy and well profiled rubber outsole in a slightly curved rocker shape, efficient rolling behavior is also ensured.


LOWA Fortux GTX review 5

The Fortux GTX has bi-directional lugs which provide both targeted acceleration on the forefoot and grippy braking on the heel. This construction provides the necessary stability for long distance runs and hikes.

It makes you feel like your shoe has a sticky rubber sole, which is exactly what you need in rough and mountainous areas.

Next to these important features the lightness of these shoes is absolutely worth mentioning. Weight is a critical factor when it comes to shoes. That's why LOWA's FortuxGTX shoes are extremely light.


LOWA Fortux GTX review 4

What I really like about these shoes is that they don't come in the standard boring brown hiking shoes colors. These shoes and colors really stand out. You can still go for the regular black/white color, but you could also spice things up a little bit.

We choose the Smoke Blue / Rust for the men's model and the Dune / Grape for the women's model.

Our Experiences

LOWA Fortux GTX review 2

We took these shoes straight out of the box, into our suitcase towards the Dolomites in Italy. Without breaking the shoes in, we put them on and started our journeys up and down in the Dolomites. This was quite a challenge, especially for my husband. He has sensitive feet and often suffers from blisters and friction. You might think that it was not very smart to only take this pair of shoes with you if you want to go hiking for 9 days. We did it anyway!

LOWA Fortux GTX review 9

These shoes turned out to be legends. From the moment we put them on they felt like heaven. I have never seen my husband so happy with shoes and he has never had shoes that immediately fitted so well.

Walking in mountainous and rugged area with these shoes feels like walking on clouds. The sole system provides a high rebound effect and the grip of these shoes is really bizarrely good. It makes hiking the mountains so much more fun.

LOWA Fortux GTX review 10

The shoes are very light, so the perfect shoe to travel with. For the first time I was wearing walking shoes at the airport and didn't have to take them off. I always have to take the walking boots off when going through airport security. The Fortux GTX look like sneakers and did the magic here too.

LOWA Fortux GTX review 7

We have a few more outdoor trips planned for the summer and can't wait to take these Fortux GTX shoes along with us. Thank you LOWA once again for this collaboration with the Traveltomtom Team.