For a bucket list trip to Rovaniemi in Lapland we wanted to take the best possible gear with us. Decent and warm clothing and shoes are key when visiting extremely cold places like Lapland.

We both had pretty decent hiking boots. But we instantly knew that these weren’t going to be good enough for a trip to the Arctic.

About LOWA Benelux

Little did we know that we would end up basically around the corner from where we live. As the LOWA Benelux headquarter is actually located in Kerkrade, the Netherlands.

Kerkrade is the home of LOWA Benelux since 1989. In that same year, 300 pairs of LOWA shoes were immediately sold in the Benelux. From this small town in the Netherlands they serve the entire European market.

LOWA’s are 100% made in Europe. In order to meet the high quality requirements, LOWA develops and produces entirely in Europe. In addition, LOWA only uses European raw materials.

From 2019, LOWA is the main sponsor of the Nijmegen Four Day Marches. With the enormous expertise that LOWA has on their high end hiking brand, it simply is a perfect match for the largest hiking event in the world.

Almost everyone who likes to be outside goes out with one of their brands. How cool is that?!



In 1997 the LOWA RENEGADE was introduced and came on the market. Since then the model has been sold more than 12 million times, making it one of the best-selling outdoor shoes in Europe. The LOWA RENEGADE became a true outdoor icon in the past 25 years.


One of the RENEGADE models is the RENEGADE EVO ICE GTX (WS). The perfect boot for your next Winter adventure. It’s the next generation of this LOWA classic RENEGADE collection. It’s for a reason that it is counted among the top models in the field of winter shoes.

The reason for this is the new VIBRAM Arctic Grip outsole. The LOWA MONOWRAP sole construction and the directly molded PO midsole with shock absorbing openings also ensure optimal wearing comfort. The winter boots are also made of robust leather and lined with a GORE-TEX Partelana lining.

Key Features

The fact that the LOWA RENEGADE models have been so popular for 25 years now has a clear reason. LOWA pays a lot of attention to the development of their shoes. They are experts in what they do and attach great importance to some key features of their shoes. It’s these key features that make their shoes outstanding and the best of their kind.

Vibram Arctic Grip

LOWA RENEGADE EVO ICE WS vibram arctic grip

The LOWA RENEGADE EVO ICE GTX (Ws) are equipped with a Vibram Arctic Grip sole. This is an ultra-modern sole technology. The sole is made of a special rubber compound, which is aimed at high performance and quality. The concept of the sole is aimed at a good grip on snowy surfaces.

The large profile studs, their placement and the Vibram rubber compound are decisive factors that make the VIBRAM ARCTIC GRIP® so suitable for winter conditions. This shoe just has it all.

The Vibram Arctic Grip on this shoe feels and looks like sandpaper.



Gore-Tex is a well-known technology within the world of hiking boots. This innovative technology guarantees optimal waterproofness and breathability. Gore-Tex guarantees weather protection to all weather conditions, even in heavy rain and snow.

Women Last


It is well known that women’s feet often have a smaller volume. LOWA pays attention to this and creates special women’s collections. Fortunately we got to test the LOWA RENEGADE EVO ICE GTX and the LOWA RENEGADE EVO ICE GTX Ws.

LOWA and TCK Sports found it important for me to get the women’s version to fit my feet the best possible way. To ensure an optimal fit, the last of the RENEGADE EVO ICE GTX Ws is specially adapted to the female anatomy. The last is largely responsible for the correct fit of the shoe. They adjusted for example the instep height and circumference at the ball of the foot.

Care Tips


LOWA shoes are an investment. They are not cheap but are worth the money. But if you decide to buy these shoes, make sure you put in the effort of taking care of them too.

LOWA shoes are made of leather, which has excellent qualities; it retains its shape, is durable and breathable. To ensure that it stays this way as long as possible and that you enjoy your high quality shoes for a long time, you just need to take good care of them on a regular base. If you give them the proper care, your shoes will remain comfortable and water-repellent for a long time!

Our Experiences


We had a trip to Lapland planned, a trip to the Arctic. We knew our normal hiking boots would not be good enough against the cold of Lapland.  We went to Lapland into the nature and outdoors, so we basically only took these boots with us. And it was the best decision. From the moment we started wearing them, it was like we never had anything else.

Despite the fact that they are very decent and seem a bit clumsy, large and heavy, they just fit like a glove. It’s like walking on your favorite slippers.

I’m a frequent hiker and walker, so I have had decent walking boots for many years. I thought that the high rise hiking boots of mine were always very sturdy and solid shoes.

That is until I got to use and experience these LOWA RENEGADE EVO ICE GTX boots. For our trip to Lapland we obviously wanted the best and warm possible boots. I’m pretty sure these LOWA’s are the best out there. We had temperatures to -20 degrees Celsius at night. And even after a full night of Northern Lights hunting and being outdoors in the freezing cold and snow constantly, we never had cold feet. Not a second!

Over the years I have had many walking boots of many different brands. Some worked better than others for me. These RENEGADE EVO ICE GTX Ws boots were my first ever LOWA boots and a perfect introduction to their brand. Our trip to Lapland only lasted a week, so I only wore them for a week. That week was enough for me to be completely convinced of the brand, the shoes and the quality of LOWA. I don’t want any other brand now but LOWA.


This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the LOWA Renegade EVO ICE GTX boots for men and women, to test extensively and to write this review.