It’s no secret, I’m a true suitcase type of traveler. It is often much more convenient. For me a suitcase needs to be perfect. The wheels must be smooth, the handle needs to operate smoothly and not unimportantly, it must look good! In this travel gear blog I will show you all about the personalized Sumatra suitcase from Princess Traveller.

About Princess Traveller

Princess Traveller is a proud Dutch brand, family-run and founded in 2011. Over the years Princess Traveller has grown into a successful international business and their suitcases are being sold in over 30 countries.

Launching Princess Traveller they wanted their suitcases to be ideal for both business and recreational travelers. Their suitcases exude luxury, quality and reliability, all at a very competitive price. Over the years they have continued to innovate considerably.

princess traveller personalized suitcase 2

For example they became official supplier to the NOC*NSF, the Netherlands Olympic Committee, ensuring the entire Olympic and Paralympic Dutch teams travel with the orange Team NL suitcases and bags. These collections are also available at some stores in the Netherlands.

Something I really like about their products, every suitcase of the Princess Traveller collection is named after a city or region in the world. So for example you can buy your own Singapore, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Dubai, and many more!

Print My Suitcase - Personalize your suitcase

Just recently Princess Traveller launched something new, Print My Suitcase. Print My Suitcase makes it possible and accessible for everyone to completely personalize a suitcase themselves. You can print any design, logo or photo directly to your new suitcase, full colour, razor-sharp and scratch resistant.

princess traveller personalized suitcase 7

On the Princess Traveller website you can currently choose from four different types of suitcases, multiple models and colors. It’s very easy to create your own and unique suitcase. Choose your favorite model, choose your desired size and color and start personalizing. Travelling won’t be the same again now that you’re travelling the world with your own, one of a kind, suitcase!

Innovative suitcases

Princess Traveller Suitcases all have a unique extra feature. They’re much more than just very handy, striking and sometimes very funny, most of them have some unique innovative features you don’t want to miss. How about a suitcase with a built-in scale, your suitcase will never be too heavy again! Another one I really like is the suitcase with an integrated passport and document holder in the trolley system. This ensures that important and valuable documents are always stored safely, but at the same time are very quickly and easily accessible

Princess Traveller Green Collection

Not only do they make fancy and innovative suitcases, they also think about the environment.

The Green Collection is the world’s first line of hardcase suitcases made from recycled PET bottles! The shell of the suitcase, the inner lining and the zipper are all made from 100% recycled PET material. This makes the Green Collection by far the most eco-friendly choice when it comes to suitcases and it’s the centerpiece of Princes Travellers sustainable strategy.

princess traveller personalized suitcase green collection

All their Green Collection suitcases have a special green logo, immediately recognizable which suitcase supports the most eco-friendly way of travelling.

The cabin sized suitcase (S) is made from about 56 recycled PET bottles, while the largest of them all, (L) is made out of 115 recycled PET bottles. And it’s not only the suitcase itself, because Princess Traveller has also produced the hang tags and shipping carton from environmentally friendly craft paper.

Princess Traveller Sumatra Review

I was lucky enough to be given this fancy Sumatra suitcase by Princess Traveller to use and test extensively. Even though we’re still in a global pandemic, I have been able to use it quite often on domestic trips. It turned out to be my perfect travel companion and very recognizable with the personalized touches. The key features of a suitcase, smooth wheels and handle, enough space and being lightweight, this Sumatra suitcase has it all, which makes it a blast to travel with this one.

princess traveller personalized suitcase inside

princess traveller personalized suitcase details

The Sumatra is the first model in the Princess Travellers Green Collection. There are three models, S, M & L and are available in three colours, Deep Sea Blue, Pink Blush and Pebble Grey.

The suitcase has a glamorous look due to the diamond skin finish. This also helps prevent scratches and damages to your suitcase. Another important specification to this suitcase is its weight, as it’s only 2.8kg, which is important when taking it with you as hand luggage. Something I really like is that it has an integrated combination lock, so no need to carry along loose locks to secure your suitcase.

princess traveller personalized suitcase lock

By buying a personalized Princess Traveller suitcase, you’re not only buying a fashionable and glamorous suitcase, you’re also contributing to our environment and world, how cool is that!

The Sumatra collection is user-friendly and light, but also better for the environment, win-win! Talking about winning, you can win a personalized suitcase!

This blog was written by travel writer Ashley a Traveltomtom team member. She received the personalized Sumatra suitcase from Princess Traveller to test extensively and to write this review.