Good and decent outdoor clothing is a standard part of our travels, wherever we go. Especially when it comes to extreme outdoor destinations, such as our trip to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, having the best possible travel clothing is really important.

Revolution Race stands for high quality outdoor clothing at affordable prices. They make a difference in the outdoor industry with their colorful, stylish and affordable outdoor clothing with the perfect fit. And we got to try it out.

About Revolution Race

Revolution Race hoodie 1

Revolution Race is a Swedish outdoor company. It was founded by Pernilla and Niclas Nyrensten. They are outdoor enthusiasts and are crazy about travelling and the outdoors. That they love the outdoor world is putting it mildly. Pernilla has climbed several high mountains and has even been to Everest Base Camp. She travelled all over our world with her backpack. Niclas loves adventures and action-packed activities like mountain biking, snowboarding, climbing and hiking. Together they decided to start an outdoor brand in 2014. But how do you get to start an outdoor brand just like that?

They both already worked in the industry selling outdoor clothing, but always dreamed of their own outdoor brand. It’s when they got into conversation with a fellow adventurer that things started falling into place. They discussed the high price tag of a newly purchased hiking trousers. They talked about the great quality but the way too expensive prices, so they actually did not dare to wear the newly purchased clothing for outdoor activities.

Pernilla and Niclas had often experienced the same. They thought the existing outdoor brands were too expensive and the trousers also had a bad fit that only seemed to be suitable for men.

Time for a change is what they thought. There was a lack of a brand that made fun, high-quality clothing at a reasonable price, and someone had to do something about that.

It was actually during a hike to Everest Base Camp that the idea for Revolution Race was born. That ‘someone’ they were looking for turned out to be themselves in the end. And so Revolution Race was born!

What started off from running their new business from their garage has turned out into a major international outdoor brand. They are now established in more than 30 countries, and still counting. They have sold more than a million trousers worldwide.

A Responsible Race

Because of their love for nature and their many travels around the world, sustainability has always been of great importance at Revolution Race. Since 2020, their sustainability efforts have been reflected in their ‘A Responsible Race’ strategy. This strategy focusses on six priority areas.

Sustainable and safe products

Sustainable products are at the heart of ‘A Responsible Race’. They design on sustainability by producing durable and safe products that can be worn many times by the customer.

Resource circularity

They conserve resources, look for more sustainable and recycled materials and minimize overproduction. They manufacture products that are as sustainable as possible, in the sense that they will last a long time and are free of harmful chemicals. They often encourage their customers to wear Revolution Race products.

Climate protection

Protecting our planet and people from pollution, water shortages and climate change is an urgent priority for their stakeholders and themselves. They limit their influence through their conscious choice of materials, means of transport and production solutions and by working with their suppliers on improvements that make a real difference. They measure their emissions and strive to meet the 2030 reduction targets.

Responsibility for the environment

Revolution Race suppliers must measure and report their impact on the environment and implement initiatives to reduce their impact. Revolution Race supports that by sharing knowledge and collaborating to use processes with less environmental impact where possible.

Inspired employees

Inspired employees are invaluable and the greatest asset companies have. They work for the well-being and development of their employees through good leadership, inclusiveness and equal opportunity.

Social responsibility in the supply chain

Revolution Race works for human rights and good working conditions throughout their supply chain. Their impact on people and the environment in the supply chain goes beyond their operations.

Direct customer contact

Something that makes them essentially different from most other well-known outdoor brands is the fact that they do not work with agents or retailers. Their business model is really quite simple. They only sell their outdoor clothing online, directly to the customers. By not working with agents and retailers they can get new products to the market faster. A faster, easier process with no retailers means they can offer high quality clothing at reasonable prices.

HiBall Pants

Revolution Race HiBall Pants 3

It was important for us to have warm and comfortable trousers for our trip to Lapland. We knew we would spend a lot of time outdoors doing the most amazing activities. Revolution Race suggested their HiBall pants. Truly the most comfortable outdoor piece of clothing I have ever worn.

The HiBall Pants is a fleece-lined soft shell trouser made from a durable and water-repellent hyper shell. It has a 4-way stretch throughout the trouser, which is absolutely the best thing. The knees are pre-shaped for optimal freedom of movement and the fleece-lined pockets provide extra warmth. The trouser feature ventilation on the outside of the thighs with zippers and the lower legs are expandable with zippers for an optimal fit over ski boots.

Revolution Race HiBall Pants 5

If you have, just like us, a trip planned to Lapland, or if you’re going hiking or doing any sort of outdoor activity in colder conditions, honestly these are the perfect soft shell trouser for you!

Click here for the HiBall pants for men and here for the HiBall pants for women.

Wander Pro Wool Hoodie

Revolution Race Pants and Hoodie 1

When it comes to clothing for cold winter conditions, it’s all about layers. Your base layer is always thermal clothing and your top layer is always a nice and warm jacket. Revolution Race has the perfect mid-layer, the Wander Pro Wool Hoodie.

The Wander Pro Wool Hoodie is one of Revolution Race most versatile hoodies. The hoodie is both insulating and moisture-wicking due to the wool blend fabric.
It's an all-round hoodie that can be worn as a stand-alone outerwear or as a mid-layer.

Click here for the Wander Pro Wool Hoodie for men and here for the women version.

Tour Gloves

Revolution Race Tour Gloves

In general I’m not a big fan of gloves. I think they’re often too awkward, especially the warmer and thicker gloves. Revolution Race has some decent outdoor gloves which I wanted to try for our trip to the Arctic.

Their Tour Glove is made of durable and soft goat leather with reinforced gripping surfaces. The softshell part on the top of the gloves protects against the elements while still being breathable. They literally fit like a glove and I liked them!

Revolution Race review

Revolution Race Pants and Hoodie 7

I have to be honest, until about a month before our trip to Rovaniemi in Lapland I had never heard of Revolution Race. When I checked out their story I got excited and enthusiastic. Their story is inspiring. They are outdoor enthusiasts, just like we are, and they were looking for high quality clothing at a reasonable price. Well, don’t we all want that?

Revolution Race Pants and Hoodie 2

We took their outdoor winter clothing with us, along with some other brands we already had. And I have to be honest, we just wanted to wear Revolution Race. Their trousers and wool hoodies are so fine and so good, it is really special. Being true outdoor fanatics, I just can’t wait to go into Summer and try more of their outdoor gear. I’m a fan!

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received 2 sets of Revolution Race clothing to test extensively and to write this review for the travel gear section of Traveltomtom.