I have to be honest, when I was offered to test and review these Nova Sport earbuds, I wasn’t too enthusiastic to start with, but let me explain. I've always had problems with earplugs. For some reason they never stuck in my ears and always fall out. Reason for me to never wear earphones and to stick with on ear and over ear headphones.

I’m a big fan of over ear headphones, but some are quite large and therefore not handy to travel with. I don’t like using them while walking for example. I think they’re just too big for that. However I sometimes would love to be able to enjoy some music while hiking or exploring new places.

Is the Rolfstone Nova Sport the solution I was secretly always hoping and looking for? Have I finally found earbuds that actually stay in my ears? Has the Rolfstone Nova Sport made me change my mind about earbuds? Keep reading to find out all about the Nova Sport earbuds!

About Rolfstone

Rolfstone is a Dutch company that specializes in wireless earbuds and headphones. They aim to keep the prices low, quality high and service personal. The way they want to achieve this is by being directly involved in production.

With a common predilection for electronics, they went in search of new trends in the headphones and earphones market. Their conclusion? Completely wireless earbuds! Wireless earbuds dominate the street scene, during exercise, a walk, on the bike or in the car, once you’re used to wireless, you won’t want to go back!

What I really like about Rolfstone is that they offer direct sales, without any resellers. For that reason, the earbuds are only available at the Rolfstone website.

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Unboxing Nova Sport

The Nova Sport sports earbuds come in a small and compact box. Once you open the box you will find the manual, in Dutch and English, the charging case with the Nova Sport earbuds inside, and some accessories.

The accessories that come along with the earbuds are a USB charging cable, some spare wingtips and some spare eartips.

Charging case

rolfstone nova sport 4

The earbuds come standard in a charging case. This charging case is small and compact, exactly the right size. It’s not too big, the perfect size to take with you wherever you go. The case has a battery indicator on the front. Blue means the case is 70-100% full, purple means it’s 30-70% full and red means it’s 0-30% full, so time to charge your case when the indicator is red. To fully charge the case it takes around 60 minutes. A fully charged case allows you to charge the earbuds 4 times on the go. Which is absolutely perfect!

You can also charge the case and earbuds at the same time, just make sure the earbuds are inside the case when charging it.

The perfect fit

As I mentioned before, I always struggled finding the right earphones or earbuds that actually fitted my ears. Well, I can now say that I finally found them! What makes these Nova Sport earbuds that special and why do they fit my ears?

Well these earbuds have replaceable wingtips and ear tips. The Nova Sport comes with 3 pairs of ear tips and also 3 wingtips, sized S, M and L. With these three sizes it fits everyone, just pick the right size.

Rolfstone Nova Sport

rolfstone nova sport 3

After unboxing your new earbuds, and choosing the right ear and wingtips, your Nova Sport is ready to go! You’ll have to connect the earbuds to your phone for the first time. Luckily this is as easy as it gets! Just open the charging case, now both earbuds will automatically turn on and will pair with each other. Now, open the Bluetooth settings on your device and activate Bluetooth, wait until Rolfstone Nova Sport appears and select this one. The earbuds are now connected and ready for use.

Another great thing about these earbuds, as long as you don’t disconnect them from your phone (or whatever other device), they automatically reconnect as soon as you open the charging case. Which is just perfect, as all you have to do is open the case, put the earbuds in your ears, press play on your phone, and enjoy the music!

Done with using the earbuds? Put them back in the case. The Nova Sport earbuds will automatically turn off when placed in the charging case and when the case is closed.

Controlling the ear buds is very easy, as both buds have a control panel. The supplied user manual explains all functions and controls, which allow you to select music, control volume and make calls without touching your smartphone.

Something I noticed immediately is the sound quality, which is very good. Especially the bass is of very good quality. The sound is clear, which makes me enjoy my music while working out or going for my daily walk. Sound and base-wise these earbuds are beyond expectations.

The Rolfstone Nova Sport earbuds are IP64 certified, which means they are rain and sweat resistant, however they’re not completely waterproof, so don’t use them underwater!

These earbuds are more efficient thanks to the use of the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and use less battery. This makes you enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous music playing time on the go. And because of this efficiency the earbuds have a long battery life and are still super small. This is perfect for traveling long distances, a great product to put on your travel gear list.

rolfstone nova sport 5

Rolfstone Nova Sport Review

I was lucky enough to be given these earbuds by Rolfstone to use and test extensively. As I said before, I have never been a big fan of earphones, however these Nova Sport ear buds have definitely changed my mind. From the first try of the Nova Sport I immediately noticed that these earbuds actually remained in place. After testing them extensively I’m convinced! I love wearing them while working out on my home trainer, while going out for my daily walk and take them with me when I go traveling. Long trips are so much nicer with music in my ears. I even wear them on a daily basis now!

After using these earbuds for a few months now, I can honestly say Rolfstone delivers what it promises. They say the Nova Sport earbuds are the perfect fit. Well, for someone who could never use earbuds because they never fitted, I can tell you that these earbuds are absolutely a perfect fit!

The most important pro’s to the Rolfstone Nova Sport earbuds?

The comfort wear and the perfect fit are incredible, I had given up on ever finding fitting earbuds. The Nova Sport definitely changed that. No wires, these earbuds are completely wireless, something I really like, especially when using them during a walk or while working out.

Sound quality is clear with a great bass too. A long battery life makes me enjoy these earbuds day in day out, and makes them also the perfect travel accessory as you can enjoy them a full day while exploring new places, without having to charge them. Something I like is the innovative operation of these earbuds with their control panels.

In conclusion, Rolfstone offers affordable products of very high quality.

rolfstone nova sport 2

Rolfstone has big plans for the future, they want to become the specialist in wireless audio. Their following steps are aimed at expanding the product range and going international, always based on their core values; quality, direct, honest and open.

I’m a fan! I love how they work and what they do. Their products look very good and are of high quality. I think they can be a solid competitor to the existing big brands. In fact, I see them being a big brand in the near future themselves. Especially if they can keep up their high service, direct customer contact and if they can keep external parties away from their process from production to sales.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the Nova Sport earbuds from Rolfstone to test extensively and to write this review. She also tried the Rolfstone Focus Noise Cancelling Headphones, click on the link to check out her experiences.

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