The destination was set: Lapland. But that immediately led to the next question. What are we going to wear? When it comes to cold winter destinations, warm clothing is super important. Getting the right travel gear is an essential if you embark on an Arctic adventure.

A jacket is fundamental in staying warm in cold conditions. Picking the right one can be a challenge but is crucial at the same time.

For our most recent trip to Lapland we chose to go for The North Face. A brand we knew of course, but had no experiences with. Being one of the most famous and best outdoor brands in the world, could we even go wrong?

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About The North Face

The journey of The North Face dates back to 1966. That’s the year the brand started equipping adventurers to achieve their dreams. Driven by the mantra of Never Stop Exploring, their expeditions inspire them to test the very limits of performance and possibility. The North Face, the brand, is named after the jagged site of the mountain. The year 1977 was a breakthrough year, when The North Face introduced GORE-TEX products in The North Face's outerwear line, the industry's first dry, breathable, all-conditions garment.

Their clothing has crossed hemispheres and cultures, becoming a symbol on trails, sidewalks and the highest places on earth. Wherever it pops up, their iconic Half Dome logo is an encouragement to so many worldwide.

Complete the Circle

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I really like it when brands pay attention to sustainability. Since 1966, all The North Face’s decisions have been driven by a purpose: to protect the planet we love. To make a difference and an impact, The North Face introduced ‘Complete the Circle’. give your used clothes a second chance.

Roughly 50% of clothing ends up as waste. The North Face thought, that has to change. How it works? Easy! Take your used The North Face clothing to the nearest store. Deposit them in the special return bins. Receive an in-store voucher of 10 euros from their sales team. Returned items are washed, refurbished and resold, donated or recycled through The North Face Renewed. Your clothes get a second chance at adventure.

We tested the Men’s McMurdo 2 Parka

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One of the main reasons for us to be excited about this parka is that the The North Face McMurdo 2 Parka is the longest men’s jacket in The North Face collection. So for a real winter trip to Lapland, having a long parka is a real bonus. Besides that this parka has some amazing must-have features. It is waterproof, windproof, breathable and insulated with goose down. It locks in your body heat with certified technology.

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The iconic McMurdo 2 parka takes its name from a research station in Antarctica because it's an all-rounder when it comes to winter weather. With elements from The North Face mountaineering jackets, it's ideal for keeping out the cold with airy, responsibly sourced down and a detachable faux-fur hood trim. This hood is just the best, it’s super warm and great to wear.

Especially the two-way-zipper is a winner. The zipper opens from two sides. When the jacket is closed, you can open it from the bottom. Which is the best there is. Especially for Winter activities like hiking or mountain biking, you can still move very easily and smoothly despite the long coat. And there is more, it's also packed with practical pockets - perfect for small items on the go or for a day in the city.

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This McMurdo 2-Parka is the perfect jacket for your winter adventures. It keeps you warm, has plenty of pockets to take your belongings and it makes you look very stylish and fancy.

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Of course the iconic The North Face logo cannot be missed. The logo is stitched on the jacket on the front left of the chest and on the right back of the shoulder.

We had just a few requirements for our gear we needed for our Lapland trip. It needed to be as warm as possible and comfortable to wear. The North Face really delivered there with the McMurdo 2-Parka. It’s the ultimate top layer when it comes to clothing for cold weather.

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When it comes to brands like The North Face, you can really count on their durability and product quality. Of course, it requires some extra dollars to purchase The North Face products. Our experience shows that these brands are worth the extra money and their products are of much better and finer quality

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We have worn this jacket intensively during a 1 week trip to Finnish Lapland with daily various activities. And when you see the coat now, it looks like new, as if it hadn't been worn.

To be honest, we think it's a great pity that the Dutch winters are so mild. This fantastic coat is a pleasure to wear but much too warm for the Dutch winters.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received The North Face McMurdo 2 Parka to test extensively and to write this review.