Am I addicted to my phone? I kind of always trying to deny that I am but I admit I probably spend like 6 hours a day on my phone. Or may be even more, I don’t really want to know I guess, haha! Anyway staying online is vital for me and not being able to get online is one of the few things in life that can make me stressed. If your hotel, bar, restaurant or airport is having bad internet I am pissed off and Im biased when it comes down to reviewing your place. Internet can make or break a place! J

wifi hotspot devices no contract unlimited

How to get internet when traveling

It is a question I get asked many times, probably because I seem to be online constantly, haha. Internet while traveling is something that I really value and I cant do without anymore. That said in 2013 I spent 15 days in the Nepali Himalayas and totally loved being offline, although it took me like 4 days to accept there was no phone signal! LOL. Anyway I always make sure that I have temporary internet access while traveling and there are a couple ways to realize this.

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As you have noticed I love to slow travel around the world and when I am in a country for about a longer time I always buy a local SIM card, see my articles about a Thai SIM card and a Turkey SIM card. But fair enough switching SIM cards is a pain in the ass to be honest and it always takes a lot of time finding out which one to buy and then overcome the language barrier buying one. Plus I was constantly having a new phone number! Recently I found out that there are other options and I tried a portable WiFi device called Teppy.

Tep Wireless

Looking for WiFi hotspot devices? No contract, unlimited data? TEP Wireless is what you are looking for! Click here to order your Teppy.

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Temporary internet service without a contract

To me TEP Wireless is the best way to get WiFi while traveling, as it is the easiest thing to use, but more about that later. What does it exactly do? It is like a take-away router I would say. Everywhere you go it the device finds a phone signal and and converts it into a WiFi signal locked with a unique password. You simply login to this WiFi signal with your phone, laptop or tablet and you are online. You can connect up to 5 devices at the same time!

temporary internet access while traveling

How to use TEP Wireless

This portable WiFi device is the easiest thing to use. Online you sign up for a Teppy, either rent one or buy one. If you decide to rent a Teppy it will be send to you and you pay a flat price of  $9,95 per day for unlimited internet.

If you travel a lot just like me I would definitely advice you to buy a device yourself rather than renting one every time you go on a trip. The huge benefit of this is that you only pay when you connect, so if you are looking for temporary internet access without a contract a Teppy is your solution for only $8 for 24 hours unlimited internet. Any other questions? Check out the FAQ at the TEP Wireless website!

internet while traveling internationally

Can you use TEP Wireless anywhere?

Not everywhere, but quite close. Take a look at this map down below and see where you can get temporary internet access without a contract.

temporary internet service without a contract

Are you looking for temporary internet access while traveling? Now this is exactly what a Teppy is offering and it is the perfect way to stay connected with all your devices!

Where did I use internet while traveling internationally?

In the short time I now own a Teppy I have been benefiting a lot from it. On my sailing trip through the Raja Ampat islands in West Papua I was locked on a luxury yacht for 10 days. Finding a phone signal was already super hard, but once there was a signal I had my own WiFi device. Lately I visited Europe to say hi to friends and family after 1,5 years. They haven’t found a solution for the ridiculous roaming costs in Europe. So traveling through Belgium, Holland and Germany using my Teppy I was not bound to any borders. This shows that this definitely is the best way to get WiFi when traveling in Europe.

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I also stayed 3 days in Istanbul where I used it, the same for my 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur. I am living the Australian dream living in Sydney on a working Holiday visa for a couple months so I am not a temporary internet service without a contract anymore. Still the first thing I did when the plane touched the ground was activating my Teppy so I was online straight away and could start sorting things out.

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When do you use temporary internet access while traveling?

Do you still use taxi’s? I definitely do not! Uber is the way to go and therefore I need internet straight away when I land in a new country. If you use a taxi how annoying is it that you cant check Google Maps? When sightseeing around a city do you still use a map? I have not used these things in ages, Google Maps is the way to go. Or meeting with fellow travelers and not being connected to the internet. Where did you go? Oh sorry I had to find WiFi! Really? LOL. What about those long bus rides where they promise you free WiFi? It hardly ever woks or is super slow. I can come up with a ton of reasons why I always want to have internet while traveling internationally.

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The best about TEP Wireless: up to 5 connections at the same time

What I did not even mention so far is that you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. So in case you are traveling with children they can all connect to the WiFi at the same time. Laptop, phone, tablet all connected through one TEP Wireless device.

If you are looking for a temporary internet service without a contract then definitely try out TEP Wireless. This portable WiFi device is the answer when people ask me how to get WiFi while traveling and it works really smooth! It gets even better: if you use TRAVELTOMTOM you get $10 off.

Tep Wireless

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how to get temporary internet access while traveling

temporary internet service without a contract

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