Traveling to Europe and planning your trip? Don't get stuck with high roaming costs or even slow overseas data roaming packages! Get yourself a sim card for traveling in Europe. This is a guide for finding the best European sim card for you. With where you can order one, up to date prices as per August 2022 and everything else you need to know.

For my research finding the best sim card for Europe I traveled to every European country. I put together complete guides for the best prepaid sim card in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, FranceSweden, UK, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Finland, etc. on top of that I checked all major airports in Europe: BarcelonaBerlin, Budapest, Geneva, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin, Madrid, Manchester, Lisbon, Rome, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Oslo and many more.

Buying a prepaid sim card is the first thing I do when I get to a new country and because I am aiming to visit every country in the world you can already find more than 150 prepaid sim card guides on Traveltomtom from all around the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Saudi ArabiaHong Kong, Thailand and many more!

So next time you plan your adventure abroad come check out Traveltomtom for the latest prepaid sim card advice for your destination. Bookmark this website!

My recommendation for Europe sim cards

Buying a local prepaid sim card is the cheapest way to stay connected when traveling abroad in 2022! In the links above you will find specific guides for buying a local sim card per country or airport, which means on arrival in Europe.

But I can totally understand that you want to travel to Europe and be complete prepared and don't want to get in line at the airport or waste an hour waiting for your turn in a local mobile phone store. So if you want to arrange a sim card for Europe before your trip then this is your ultimate guide.

Traveltomtom's personal tip for traveling to Europe in 2022? Buy an e-sim card for Europe! Easy, fast and no need to swap physical sim cards anymore. You can already get 15 GB data for $30 USD. Click on the link for more info or keep reading.

All the sim cards listed in this article are European sim cards with data that you can order online before your trip. All these international sim cards will be shipped to your home address before your trip and are activated automatically from its first use. In most case there is free shipping to the US included.

Traveltomtom also recommends world sim cards with global coverage. Check out my article with a comparison of the best international sim cards for travelling in 2022.

Why buying a sim card for Europe

europe sim card orange 728x90

A very simple question? Do you want to rely on others when traveling to Europe? Yes, your hotel, bar, restaurant, train and even park have free public WiFi these days. So getting WiFi when traveling is fairly easy. Yet, Traveltomtom still recommend you getting a sim card for Europe.

First of all public WiFi can not be trusted in speed, signal and security. What if the signal in your hotel room is weak and you can't change rooms? Or it is too slow to even upload an Instagram story. Getting connected with your phone makes traveling so much easier, just like real life!

Also another reminder that surfing the internet on public WiFi is through an UNSECURED network. The use of a VPN is recommended in these cases to protect your privacy.

Think about ordering a cab on the streets through a taxi app, or getting directions from Google Maps and finding a nearby restaurants with good reviews or finding out the train schedule to get back to your hotel. So many reasons Traveltomtom recommends getting a sim card for your trip to Europe.

Local sim card vs. European sim card

All sim cards mentioned in this article are sim cards with FREE EU roaming intended for those that visit a couple countries on a short trip. However, if you only travel to 1 or 2 countries in Europe you might be better off buying a local sim card on arrival. Local sim cards are mostly valid in 1 country only. Especially for a trip to Eastern Europe I would recommend buying a local sim card, rather than a European sim card.

For a complete overview of all sim card prices per country have a look at my guide for buying a local sim card in Europe in 2022.

I love traveling in Europe off the beaten path, have a look at my 12 secret places to visit. I bet some of them you have never even heard of.

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To make it all easy for travelers coming to Europe, just buy your sim card online before your trip! Here are the 12 best European sim cards including a portable WiFi device.

Personal recommendation from Traveltomtom: BEST DEAL IS NUMBER 3!

1. Orange Europe sim card - 20 GB 

The best value for money is given by Orange and according to Traveltomtom the best Europe sim card for tourists and therefore mentioned first.

Price: $50 USD

  • 20 GB data in all of the EU
  • 120 minutes to any country in the world
  • 1000 sms to any country in the world
  • Valid 14 days
  • Free shipping to loads of countries

Click on the link above to order it directly online and see if you can get free shipping. The only downside about this prepaid sim card for Europe is that it is valid for just 14 days. If your trip to Europe is longer than 14 days I recommend you getting one of the below sim cards for Europe.

2. Eurolink 3 GB E-sim card for Europe

Price $13 USD

  • 3 GB data in all of the EU
  • Data-only sim card
  • Valid for 30 days days
  • No shipping costs

3. Orange Holiday Zen E-sim card for Europe - 15 GB

Price: $29.90 USD

  • 15 GB data in all of Europe
  • 30 minutes calling outside of Europe
  • Unlimited calls/sms in Europe
  • Valid for 14 days

4. Eurolink 5 GB E-sim card for Europe

Price $20 USD

  • 5 GB data in all of the EU
  • Data-only sim card
  • Valid for 30 days days
  • No shipping costs

Unfortunately e-sim cards for Europe do not support local calls. That said, in europe everyone Whatsapp calls anyway so this my be a great sim card for your trip to Europe. There are more Europe e-sim cards with bigger data packages below.

5. Three (3) Europe sim card - 12 GB

Slightly cheaper than the above mentioned Orange sim card for Europe travel, but also 40% less data. Advantage compared to the Orange sim card: valid for 30 days!

Price: $40 USD

  • 12 GB data
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited sms
  • Valid 30 days
  • Valid in all of the EU

6. Eurolink 10 GB E-sim card for Europe

Price $37 USD

  • 10 GB data in all of the EU
  • Data-only sim card
  • Valid for 30 days days
  • No shipping costs

7. Three (3) Europe sim card - 5 GB

The smaller brother of the 3 Europe sim card above, less value for money.

Price: $30 USD

  • 5 GB data
  • Unlimited calls/sms
  • Valid 30 days
  • Valid in all of the EU

8. O2 Go Card E-sim card - 10 GB

Price: $24.90 USD

  • 10 GB data
  • $2 sms credit for Europe
  • $2 calling credit for Europe
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Valid in all of EU

9. Three (3) data only sim card for Europe VALID 1 YEAR

I only recommend this sim card for Europe for people that travel to Europe often! The sim card only holds data credit but the credit is valid for 1 year!

Price: $60 USD

  • 12 GB data
  • NO calls included
  • NO sms included
  • Valid 1 year
  • Valid in all of the EU, including Switzerland

10. Three (3) data only sim card for Europe VALID 2 YEARS

Similar to the above Three Europe sim card but then with a validity of 2 years!

Price: $80 USD

  • 24 GB data
  • NO calls included
  • NO sms included
  • Valid 2 years
  • Valid in all of the EU, including Switzerland

11. Eurolink E-sim card for Europe - 50 GB

Price $100 USD

  • 50 GB data in all of the EU
  • Data-only sim card
  • Valid for 90 days days
  • No shipping costs

12. GiffGaff UK sim card for Europe

giffgaff uk sim card sim only prices 2021

Looking for a FREE European sim card? GiffGaff is an operator originally from the UK that sends your sim card to your home address for free. You will get a prepaid sim card valid in all of Europe including an activation code.

A Giffgaff sim card is initially made as a pay-as-you-go sim card in the UK, however it also offers free roaming in the EU. BE AWARE: free roaming in the EU is capped at 25 GB per month and Giffgaff uses a fair use policy.

Rates for GiffGaff sim cards for Europe are good! All the pay-as-you-go data packages below INCLUDE unlimited calls/text in the EU as well. However, I tried it out myself and had a bunch of problems. It didn't work as promised and the activation took endlessly and went horribly wrong. I kept on contacting GiffGaff and the problem got eventually solved, but it took ages and a lot of effort and negative energy!

If you want you can try it out yourself on the Giffgaff website but as you can imagine I am NOT a fan!

13. Portable WiFi for Europe

portable wifi device for traveling

Not a Europe sim card, but for a less than $10 USD dollars per day you can get unlimited internet. Best thing about this pocket WiFi is that you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time, so perfect for people traveling to Europe with kids. However, you are sharing one line so the internet data speed will go down drastically with more people connected. Using a portable WiFi is not from this time anymore. It may work for families, but that is one of the few advantages I see. Check out my honest review about using a portable WiFi device for traveling abroad.

Free data roaming on European sim cards

europe sim card orange 728x90

The European Union came in 2017 finally with the genius idea to let go of roaming charges within the EU countries. Therefore since June 2017 people can use their UK sim card in Spain and their Italy sim card in Sweden without any extra charges. For people looking for a sim card for Europe travel this was the best news ever of course.

Therefore upon arrival in Europe you only need to buy one local prepaid sim card and you are connected to the internet during all of your trip in Europe. Well there are always exceptions so keep reading…

Buying a local sim card for Europe on arrival

The best deals for European sim cards you get on arrival in Europe. In France for example you get 150 GB data for €20 and data bundles in Italy are also big. But most countries in Eastern Europe they do NOT offer free EU data roaming at all. Therefore I recommend you to check my complete guide for buying a local sim card in Europe in 2022, with a specific list of every country in Europe and what prices to expect on arrival. 

I hope all the above tips for finding the best sim card for Europe in 2022 were helpful. May you still have questions please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.

Looking for off the beaten path destinations in Europe then click on the link and I bet most of those places you have never even heard of. Let me fuel you with some more wanderlust. If interested check out my Instagram profile @traveltomtom as see more of my journey to visit every country in the world. As of August 2022 I have traveled to more than 135 countries.

Enjoy your trip to Europe!

Some links in this article about the best travel sim cards are affiliate links. If you buy any of the products after using the outgoing links I will earn a small commission. Don’t worry this is at no extra cost to you, but I have the duty to inform you. Thank you for your understanding!

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